Are you ready for a mindset shift?

Is there something inside that is screaming to break free?

Are you ready to reclaim your MUCHNESS?

You are invited for this amazing opportunity.


Schedule a one-on-one session with creative personal development expert Tova Gold! Using The Finding Your Muchness FUNbook as our guide, we’ll explore what is keeping you distanced from the Muchness inside you that is aching to get out. We’ll dig deep and pull to the surface the incredible and unique things about you that have been buried under years of Muchlessness, rediscovering what makes you shine. We’ll create an action plan to help you move forward in a realistic and fun way, inviting your Muchness into your life and creating a habit of expressing it fearlessly.


Here’s what you get:

  • Two hours with Tova via phone or Skype

  • A pre-call questionnaire to get your brain into a Muchness Mindset prior to our time together.

  • 15-minute follow up call 2 weeks after our session to assess your progress and follow-thru plan.

  • A custom designed Muchness band- any color / quote of your choice! (Retail Value $28-$36)

  • The Finding Your Muchness FUNbook + 30 Day Deck of Muchness Moments Cards. (Retail Value $47)

Are you ready to start 2014 full of Muchness?

Limited spots available.

Only $249

$197 Limited Time!

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Here’s what people have said about working with Tova:

“The Muchness brought light into my world when it was at it’s darkest. It challenged me to look at life differently, but most importantly it challenged me to share a sacred piece of myself with the world. The love I have received because of the the Muchness has helped me turn my negative to positive and my sadness into happiness. The Muchness has become a part of me and it continues to bring joy into my every day.” -Ana

“I never had a chance to be a carefree, innocent kid. Tova is the first person to encourage me to find the sparkle within me, the sparkle I didn’t believe was there. She not only saw it, she convinced me it was there. She pushed me (mercilessly, at times) to find it and gave me the tools to discover it through her “muchness” crusade. She refused to give up on me until I caught it’s glimmer, and she persisted until a true path was forged to my inner spark. She gave my “self” to me. Thank you Tova, I can never repay you.” -Barbara

“Tova has helped me realize that even in the dark times I MUST find the positive, the light, MY HAPPY. I took a leap and couldn’t be happier …Thank you Tova for helping me take the JUMP I needed!” -Allison

“Tova has tapped into a simple, easy and powerful way for someone to reopen the door to their heart, mind and creativity; reigniting the light. You may be wondering how Finding Your Muchness works. You have to try it to find out and then you will become a forever Muchness fan, just like me.” -Piperlyne

“Tova- the work you do is really just loving people back to who they were when they loved themselves.” -Wokie Nwabueze – Communication strategist and Personal development coach.

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I look forward to helping you GET IN TOUCH WITH THE MUCH!