I once read that in order for a person to actually achieve their goals, those goals need to be clear enough that you could write them out to fit on
the back of a business card.
I felt if that was true for goals, certainly it must be true for many other things we desire or want to grasp on to. My brain kept turning over that idea and then, poof!
The idea for this deck of cards was born! 



Screen Shot 2013-11-16 at 7.40.48 PM


The front of the cards have beautifully designed motivational quotes and
nuggets of inspiration, while the backs contain creative prompts that guide you to tap into your daily moments of strength, light, beauty and gratitude, and document them… on the back of a business card. 

Those are your Muchness Moments. Grab them.

Each deck includes: 30 Inspirational cards + Glittery label to designate a
Muchness Moments collection jar, all packaged beautifully in a
luxurious drawstring velvet pouch.


“They Are AMAZING!!!! I LOVE them!!!!”  -Kali
 “Look what Muchness came my way today!!!!! Yay!!!” -Mia
 “I wanted to tell you that I got the cards in the mail. They are so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s such a great idea. I didn’t necessarily know exactly what to expect and they are so cute in person!” -Colleen
 “LOVE Them! Thank You!”  -Joy
“They are beautiful-tastic Tova. Thank You for all the hard work you put into making them for us.” -Dennel
 “I LOVE the Muchness cards. They make me so happy.” – C. Gore 
“I got my muchness cards today :o). I’m having a deck for each office so my clients can benefit from some Muchness, a third for my home office, and a fourth for me! Just wanted to share!” -J. Belgard
 “I just got my muchness cards. I have some very dear work friends who have hit rough patches in their lives, divorce, separation, cancer, infertility…and searching for the right man. They will be getting random muchness cards on random days in their mailboxes. I can’t wait! Thanks for the inspiration!” -E. Cash
 “I LOVE my new Muchness Cards!!!!! Just got them today yay!! I ordered 12 extra decks so I am planning just how to spread them around!!! For example, my dance students, (teens) will be leaving with one card each today after class and I will give a little “What is Muchness” talk after their choreography. I think they will love the inspirational quote o the back and be able to write their moments on the card. The other decks I’m planning on giving to special people I think need them right now. <3  Thanks Tova” (***see her class in the slider above 😀 ) -Maripili
“Thank you for your box of goodies! Arrived today via airmail from you in New York, New York to me in Melbourne, Australia. I was feeling flat this morning but after I opened your box I felt so much better. Thank you for the kind words. Here is a picture of the muchness moments cards sitting in a jar on my clean desk! No limits Tova, just keep spreading your magic! Thank you too for the extra cards, will hand out to those that need the magic touch!” -Lina xx
“One of my fave cards in the Muchness deck of cards that just arrived in my mailbox yesterday! Xo to Tova  for creating amazing reminders to FIND the joy in each day!” – Heather


These cards were lovingly funded by members of The Muchness Community via an indiegogo campaign. We raised 171% of our goal and I am eternally grateful to all our supporters.