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Through engaging, high-energy workshops, keynote speeches and one-on-one coaching, Tova inspires audiences to rediscover what fuels them from the inside out. They explore how they can enjoy life more and excel at any job or task by connecting to their inner creativity and owning the power of their Muchness.

Whether your event  is filled with college students, moms, individuals struggling with loss or trauma, or  corporate employees, looking to tap into their creative voice and individuality, audiences will leave inspired to invite more fun, positive energy and maybe even sparkle into their lives!

Topics are customized to speak directly to your target audience and have included:

  • Why Finding Your Muchness is the key to creative success in your work and your life.

  • Owning your Muchness: A self-esteem informational for college women.

  • Little Bits of Light: Why our deepest grief can introduce us to our greatest joy.

  • Capture Your Muchness Moments! An inspirational reality check for when the going gets tough…

Select appearance include:

Forever In Our Hearts, Madison

“Tova- I heard you speak at the 3rd Annual Forever in Our Hearts Remembrance
Day on October 5, 2013 in Madison, WI and all I can say is WOW!  I
admire your courage, your strength and the way you are able to put a
positive outlook on each day.”

Audience Participation Segment: TedX Hoboken

Screen Shot 2013-08-10 at 11.06.18 PM

“That was one of the best meetings I’ve been to so far. Tova had the audience engaged in her story of how she found her muchness. Many tears and emotions surfaced during the meeting as participants shared a bit of their own journeys. This was very healing on a lot of levels. I’m so glad I went…”

Fairlegh Dickenson University


Opening act: Bridal Rebellion NYC:

Keynote: Forever In Our Hearts, Madison,

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If you are looking for an inspiring speaker who brings a unique, muchtastic energy to your event, you might just be looking for Tova. For booking info please send a contact note and share more info.

Your talk was amazing!!!! seriously.
I was laughing. I teared up. and now I’m seriously reflecting on how I’m not feeling my Muchness recently and how I can tap into that. I really really want to wear more sparkles and pretty things. I’m wearing – well, not that- and I honestly feel a part of my light isn’t coming through. Thank you for this reflection and contemplation this morning.
Tova, you have such a gift for speaking. I don’t say that lightly.
You have a special way of bringing humor into the darkness.
That is who you are and what you do – you bring the light 
and it comes through absolutely 100% in your speaking.
This talk, the structure of it, all of it, was brilliant. 
I want to see you get out there and share this message more. that audience was so moved and delighted and inspired by you.
and you looked Fabulous.