30 Days Of Muchness Challenge

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It’s one thing to say you want to see the Muchness everyday, and another thing to challenge yourself to do it. With people watching. Every. Single. Day.But it works.¬†Seeing the beauty and joy around you can sometimes be nothing more than habit. When we go through hard times, devastating losses or just hit a rough patch, we get into the habit of only seeing the bad. We carry with us the negativity and it tends to color everything we see with it’s murkyness and yuck.

Taking the¬†30 Day Challenge¬†literally¬†forces us to put on our rose colored glasses and¬†See The Muchness– see the¬†color, see the¬†bright¬†spots in our days, despite the darkness that may surround it.¬†And when we change our habit, we change our perspective.¬†By the end of 30 days you will feel different. You will feel lighter, you will feel more in touch with what makes you, you. What makes you smile. What makes you feel whole. What puts you¬†In Touch with The Much!¬ģ

Follow along¬†with some amazing people as they take the¬†30 Days Of Muchness Challenge.¬†Watching others seek out and explore their Muchness is inspiring on it’s own…. or you can participate in the Challenge!Please take a moment to check out¬†MY ORIGINAL 30 DAYS OF MUCHNESS CHALLENGE!¬†This is what started it all. It was simply a self imposed commitment to wearing sequins or something sparkly every single day for 30 days. That’s it! And it truly changed my perspective, and it changed my life.If you’d like to commit to taking the 30 Day challenge, it is so easy to start.¬†