MUCHNESS MOMENTS are those little bright spots in your day – when something makes you smile, or your spirits are momentarily lifted. It can be when you look at your Muchy pink manicure and think “oh! Pretty!” or it can be the 15 minutes you get to relax and read your favorite magazine. It can be the excitement of trying something new, or the warm familiarity of something old and cozy.

When you take the time to document those little moments of joy and share them, you elevate them to something beyond the ordinary. You take control of your day, rather than letting it take control of you.

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The Muchiest Articles to help you find your Muchness!!

The 30 Day Challenge- Why a Theme? – Finding Muchness every day is hard. I wish it wasn’t, but it is. And skipping a day makes you feel not Muchy. And often leads to more skipped days. And more feelings of non-muchiness. When you have a theme it inspires your creativity and simultaneously provides an available “default” option when you only have 45 seconds to record your muchness moment. It keeps your momentum rolling!

The 30 Day Challenge- Finding a Theme – Ok. I get it. I see the benefit of a theme. Um… but I don’t know what my theme should be. 

The 30 Day Challenge – Theme ideas – Some Theme ideas to get you inspired. Remember- your theme can be super simple. It can be wearing lipstick every day for 30 Days. It can be writing an inspiring quote daily. It can be taking a self portrait on your computer camera. It can be a color. It can be light. It can be sparkle.

Reinforce The Happy – Making the choice every day to look at the good stuff. Hone in on the moments of happy- even if they are just a few milliseconds between hours of bad. Those milliseconds are YOURS to own. When you pay attention to those moments and respect them, it is like water on a seed, helping that flower bloom.

Taking Great Pics – You don’t have to be a pro to take great Muchness pics. Here are some tips!

10 Simple ways to tap into your Muchness!! – Even if you don’t take the challenge just yet- do little things to push yourself outside your comfort zone in fun, fresh ways that make you feel inspired!

Creating great post titles – Coming Soon!

Why you should share your Challenge on FB – Coming Soon!

Getting Outside your Comfort Zone – Coming Soon!

Category Ideas for fun and clever posts! – Coming Soon!

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