Mother’s Day Muchness After Babyloss


Congratulations on signing up to take this challenge. We know that Mother’s Day can be incredibly difficult after the loss of a baby. Whether your loss was just a few weeks ago, or many years ago, the pain of losing a child will stay with you always, and never is that more highlighted than on Mother’s Day.

We want to help you get through it, with Muchness. 

For years I’ve wanted to create a course for baby loss moms; a roadmap to help them re-find their MUCHNESS while navigating the grief and darkness of loss. In 2011 I even wrote a note to myself and hung it on my wall:


 I knew that a course like that needed not just the insight I’d learned from traveling that path after my twin daughters were stillborn, but also the experience and guidance of a trained & credentialed mom who had also walked these shoes. 

Dr. Julie and I originally met in an online support group following our respective losses. I knew that she was “some sort of therapist,” but it wasn’t until I invited her to be a contributor to the Finding Your Muchness FUNbook that I learned that she is a psychologist and that the core focus of her practice is helping families navigate complicated family planning, including infertility & baby loss.

As soon as we connected, I knew I’d found “the one.”

Apparently, the feeling was mutual because before I could ask if she wanted to join me to create this type of program, she called me and asked if I’d be interested in creating this type of program.

And that’s what we’re doing.

We’ve combined the best of creativity, positivity and general Muchness with the best of clinical psychology, research and experience in the areas of grief and specifically pregnancy and babyloss, to create an incredibly transformative and unique 8 week course for babyloss moms.

The Mother’s Day Muchness Challenge that you’ve signed up for is a “sneak peek” mini-version of our upcoming course.

Alone, it is an incredibly impactful 7 days of helpful insight, inspired ideas and thoughtful support. Together, it is a meaningful 2 month journey to rediscover your light and release yourself from the shadows of grief. 

If you find yourself craving more, wanting to dig deeper into your personal journey and rediscover your light & Muchness, stay tuned to be the first to learn more about the Finding Your Muchness After Babyloss 8 week course.

Once again, Welcome to the Mothers Day Muchness Challenge, an we look forward to helping you