Relationships are hard.

I know this is not news.

But when we are in the midst of a chaotic and busy life, when our own identities and sense of self gets shuffled and unfamiliar, it can be really hard to stay connected with another human being. As we struggle to make peace with the turbulence in our own hearts and minds, change is happening around us. When you finally get to the point where you’re ready pick up your head and look around, you are a different person, your partner is a different person and the relationship you thought you knew so well has changed and may need to find a new footing.

That’s what this 14-Day Challenge is about.

It is about reconnecting to you.

It is about reconnecting to your partner.

It’s about tapping into your joy, creativity, feelings, MUCHNESS and learning how to share them with your partner.

I know, many of you have full-time jobs, you have kids, you have homes to clean, meals to cook, carpools to drive and a host of other obligations.
It is easy to say “I don’t have the time now. I don’t have the patience.”  You need to know this is EXACTLY the time.
Because the longer you wait to pay even a little bit of attention to this area of your life, the more broken it may get.

And let me let you in on a little secret.

I believe you already have the tools you need to help yourself from the inside out. You may just need some help tapping into them.
The truth is: When you start feeling good about you, feeling connected to your own powerful internal voice (AKA – Your MUCHNESS) you are able to
recognize what you need and communicate what you want.


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Wokie Nwabueze believes that when you own the power of your voice, you own the power to change the things that matter in life, in your work and in your business. She has 19+ years of experience as a negotiator, mediator + communication strategist and teaches women how to ask for what they want, set boundaries and say what needs to be said through her signature course, Manifest Moxie. She lives in NJ with family and lives online at wokienwabueze.com



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Jen Mazer is the Queen of Manifestation. She has always been able to dream up outrageous adventures and actually live them out. Jen teaches other women how to believe in themselves and find that missing piece so that they can manifest their biggest dreams and ideal life into reality. You can find Jen at QueenofManifestation.com


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*** You  Do NOT Have to be married to participate in this challenge, but you should be in a committed relationship.***

Your Job? Pay attention! Make it fun!

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Oh! The price?!?!

I know you are thinking that all this work and planning and input and guidance and time and product from so many people, it’s going to have to cost a bit. And honestly, it should. As I pour my heart and time into this program I am over the moon excited and filled with gratitude about all the awesomeness that is being created.

The value, content & community you will receive in this program is worth over $300+ and that’s based on the expert insight alone! However, my goal is to help YOU and I don’t want the price to stop you from getting the help that I know this program can offer you.

For only $47  know that you are investing in your relationship in a way that you really can’t put a pricetag on (Though you’re probably paying your therapist 5 times that per hour…weekly.)

This program is only $47!



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Past participants:
“The marriage challenge was the best thing that could have happened to me… and right when I needed it” – Kali

“I experienced so many breakthroughs and am still on cloud nine about that! I feel so much more connected to DH, and thrilled to pieces that I managed to punch a big ol’ hole in that “wall” of insecurity and lack of communication…” 

“Tova, this was amazing. I can not wait to participate in future challenges…”

“We go about our day to day lives and we do not take the time to do those little things that make a person feel special. This forced us to take the time to do so. In a good way!”


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