Admitting you’ve lost your Muchness is the first step towards finding it.

This 30 Day Challenge is all about you. It’s about looking inside yourself, and looking outside yourself, for the things that bring a  spark of joy, of light, of YOU to your day.

A lot of people get very scared and overwhelmed when starting this journey. They think their Muchness Moments have to big, exciting events, or they try to plan every one of their 30 days at the outset and just overthink until they never get started.

Don’t do that. 

Starting this challenge is EASY.

Don’t overthink it.

Take it one day at a time, one moment at a time.
I’ll be sending you short, motivational emails every day for the next 30 days to keep you brain in Muchness Mode. Just remember, you deserve to find your Muchness. You will be happier and everyone in your world would benefit from a much more muchier YOU!

I’ve created this short ebook to lay out some of the groundwork of the challenge for you.

Click To Access!

Click To Access!

You KNOW your Muchness is in you. If it wasn’t you wouldn’t have signed up for this challenge. Trust yourself. You’re gonna do great.


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