30 Day Holiday Muchness!

I need a Muchness boost this holiday season. You too? Let’s muchify this month together!

This is a totally… TOTALLY… a last minute idea but here’s my thought…

Let’s do a  30 Day Holiday GROUP Muchness Challenge- and to make it extra easy by sharing it right on Facebook!!

Here’s how:

1- If you haven’t already, Join our FACEBOOK GROUP – The Muchtastic Muchy MUCHNESS Group and for the next 30 days post your pic of the day there! No need to use your FindingMyMuchness Blog. The goal is to make this challenge quick, easy and interactive!

2- (OPTIONAL) Sign up for  short daily emails with tips, inspiration and whatever other muchy little nuggets I will pull together to keep you on course and in a Muchy state of mind! (Remember, this is all last minute… I’m a “fly by the seat of my pants” kinda chic, ya know! My only goal is to give you (and me) something to smile about!)

Remember- the Holidays / New Years is your theme but your Muchness can be ANYTHING that stirs something in you. It can be anything from shiny wrapping paper to hot cocoa around the fireplace… whatever makes you feel connected and Muchy! The ONLY rule is that you do it every day, and on days when it’s extra hard, you CREATE the moment, even if it’s just by arranging your french fries and ketchup in the shape of a tree. Yeah. No kidding.

So, not much time to spare!

Hope you’ll join us!!!

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