Finding Your Muchness around Mother’s Day can be especially hard. I’ve teamed up with
Psychologist and loss mom Dr. Julie Bindeman to help make this time of year much Muchier!

Join us for this FREE 7-day challenge, designed to help babyloss moms face Mother’s Day this year with a new sense of promise, confidence and optimism.

Starting May 4th– on International Bereaved Mother’s Day until May 11th, Mother’s Day, you’ll receive a short daily email designed to inspire and challenge you to see the light and joy in your day, and reconnect to your MUCHNESS.

In addition, each email will also include a coupon, contest or giveaway! wooohoooo!!! 

Just click below to enter your name and email to join us on May 4th.

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To learn more about our Muchness After Babyloss program, please visit us here.

About Tova Gold


Finding My Muchness is a positivity project started by me, Tova Gold, as part of my healing journey after the loss of my identical twin daughters at 23.5 weeks gestation in September 2009.

The Muchness Mission is to help women who’ve lost their light, find it.
To love them back to who they were when they loved themselves.
To help them reconnect to their joy and identity after grief or trauma.
To help them see the blessings in their every day so they bring laughter and color into their lives. 
And to fill the world with sparkle.


“I believe that our deepest grief can introduce us to our capacity to experience our greatest joy, and I believe in the power of sequins.”

About Dr. Julie B.


Dr. Julie B. is a licensed psychologist and the Co-Director of
Integrative Therapy of Greater Washington.
After experiencing an early miscarriage she went on to have two second trimester losses–the result of a heartbreaking choice. Her personal experience with loss guided her professional journey down the road of a specialization in reproductive health, where she works with women, men, and couples, helping them heal from a life cycle reversal. Dr. Julie writes about pregnancy loss, infertility, and perinatal mood disorders for a variety of blogs. She has the “been there done that” experience coupled with the professional training that makes her accessible to those that said goodbye all too soon.

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SORRY. This event is now closed.

To learn more about our Muchness After Babyloss program, please visit us here.


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Love & Muchness, Tova

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