Ideas for Muchness Challenge themes

Not sure what to ick as a theme for your Challenge?

Thanks to Shannon for creating this Muchtastc list of ideas— they are just the tip of the iceberg! More ideas to follow!

-Go Seasonal! If it’s winter, think of creative ways you can push yourself to enjoy the weather!  

(Buy a new hat, scarf, mittens, jacket , Build a snowfort or snowman ,Color snow with spray bottles and food coloring , Make Colorful ice rocks by filling water balloons up with water & food coloring, freezing them (outside would most likely freeze them!) and remove the balloon, Make a big batch of Hot Cocoa! Make homemade marshmallows for your hot cocoa or build a hot cocoa buffet with peppermint sticks, chocolate chips, cinnamon sticks, etc, Go Sledding! Go Polar Bearing :oD  OH MY! (FYI that means jumping in a frozen cold lake in your swimsuit), Make a snow angel, Shovel your neighbor’s sidewalk,)

Take the opportunity to focus on your relationships! (Romantic or otherwise)

You can spend 30 days revamping your marriage or rebuilding bridges with people you no longer talk to or make it a goal to get out of the house and visit someone everyday!

Go visit your Grandma!  Bring her a pie, take her out for lunch, play scrabble!  Ask her about what it was like when she was younger! Patch up an old friendship, Visit someone you never seem to have time for, Host a family gathering for no reason (“Everyone come over for a sunday brunch at my house”) Tell someone you love them that may not know you do! Let the people who have always been there for you know that you appreciate them!

Love Lives…

Watch a romantic movie, Learn your hubby/wive’s favorite hobby, Watch a sunset or sunrise or look at the stars, Play a board game (we had a blast during my challenge when I did this) Play a video game together even, Make a candlelight dinner for your family (kids love this too) Give a massage! Make them a gift, Make a list of the reasons you love them, Write a poem, Buy them flowers (mostly for the wives!) Make their favorite food!

You could make your 30 Days about doing something with your kids!

Teach them something new (ride a bike, teach letters in a creative way) Play a game (board or video) Extra messy Crafts, Take them outside (park, play a sport, go for a walk…) Take everyone’s pillows and blankets and put them in the living room for a movie night!  Throw in some colored popcorn or weird flavor’ed popcorn… cinnamon or italian seasoned or popcorn balls! Or regular popcorn lol  or try popping it without your microwave!  Play dress up with them, Play a blindfold game with them : Guess the mystery food! Take them somewhere fun like Chuck E Cheese, Monkey Joes (bouncy slides and moon bounce type places), Laser Tag, Put on your fanciest clothes and have a living room dance party!

Muchify the things you already own- Get creative and crafty!

Painting, Sewing, Learn Knitting or Crocheting, Start Scrapbooking, Jewelry Making, Kids Crafts (homemade play dough, clay, crayons, paints, etc etc) Glitterfy things (OH YeAH! Thats what im talking about), Add sequins to things, Drawing (Carry crayons and a little notepad and doodle something daily), Make a decorated frame, woodwork, revamping old furniture (find something at Goodwill and see if you can make it look muchtastic!)

Love & Muchness, Tova

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