The muchiest accessory of all!!!!

Today, I wore these boots.

I got a lot of looks. I get it. I know that they may bring to mind images of a drag queen pole dancer. So, to counter balance that impression, I wore something else that really makes whatever muchness you wear seem much Muchier.  A smile.

My Theory: When people look at you and think “What on earth is she thinking wearing those shoes (that shirt, those earrings etc…)?” and then they see you smiling, they answer their own question. “Oh, I guess she likes them! More power to her!”…. At least that’s the scenario as it plays out in my mind.
Do u have any clothing or accessories you love but wonder what people will think if u wear it out in broad daylight? Try pairing it with a carefree smile to camouflage your insecurity. Especially when people give you a sideways glance. You’ll get a sense of pride knowing you wore it cuz u love it, and that’s reason enough.

and PS. They usually smile back. 🙂

Love & Muchness, Tova

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