Hannah Found Her Muchness!

Last Night on The Biggest Loser, Hanna found her Muchness!!!

So, in case you’ve not been keeping up with the show, Hanna and Olivia are sisters who started off fat and in typical Biggest Loser fashion, are now not fat. Inspired. She’s got a big mouth and she talks a lot and a lot of what she says is funny.
So, last night her team won a challenge and their prize was a night on the town, Hollywood style. So she got all dolled up to go out and they interviewed her.
Now, the last time this girl saw the light of day she was 80 POUNDS HEAVIER. Now, she is a hottie. and clearly she feels like one. So, what does Miss Hannah decide to wear? These:

Hello Shoes!!

Sequins!!! Heels!!!

GO MUCHNESS GIRL!!!! Hannah is In Touch With The Much!!!
I am a dork that does not know how to use the internet properly. But I do know how to use my phone. So I recorded Hannah talking about her Muchness, and how she’s flaunting it. If only she knew the word… there really is no other better word to describe it…

You can see the video here: (poor audio)


But just a few prized snippets:
“Check it out- these heels are almost as big as my face, ok?”
“see all this magic, all this gorgeous leather craftsmanship, This spiked heel… these are some serious shoes…”
“Mom, I’ve never been so proud in my life, I’m not lying.”

This scene made me happy for hannah. I think she should bedazzle her Biggest Loser t-shirt and cover her weights with sequins.
…actually, maybe if I did that I’d actually be inclined to use weights….

***note to self: Buy sequins. Buy weights. Buy Glue. Mix and Use.

Love & Muchness, Tova

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