Tova’s Muchness Challenge -day 12 – My Brooklyn Roots Love a Bargain!

Anyone who’s heard me speak would likely say with some confidence that it’s clear I’m from New Jersey. But that would be because they’ve likely not heard me speak while tipsy or angry. Because when I drink and when I get pissed off, that’s when the Brooklyn in me comes out. See, I’m a Jewish girl from Bruklin. And as such, if there is something I like more than sequins and heels, it’s that I love me a baw-gin. (that’s “bargain” to the rest of yous.)
So, on Friday I took a trip to Christmas Tree Shops to buy a hamper (sorry hampah) and to my bargain hunting delight found a rack full of sweaters from New York & Co. that were marked at…
Wait for it…
You ready?
That’s like, undah 3 bucks.
These were probably meant to be $50 or $60 sweaters but they had terrible hanger appeal. (which is likely why they ended up in Christmas Tree Shops.) You had to look at them through muchy glasses to see that they could be cute on an actual person. And they came in 5 great colors. So…. I bought one of each. BECAUSE THEY COST LESS THAN MY CAWFEE!!! … and you know I’m totally gonna muchify those suckers! Yay for Muchy Makeovers!!

Love & Muchness, Tova

4 Replies to “Tova’s Muchness Challenge -day 12 – My Brooklyn Roots Love a Bargain!”

  1. Tova Ross

    As another Tova from Bruklin, I also love a good bargain and can appreciate your amazing find. I myself went to DSW to return a great pair of $50 heels (because I don’t really need more shoes)yesterday and was compelled to look in the clearance section, where I found the same pair of heels in a color I liked better, for 50% off. Combined with two $5 coupons, I got the SAME heels in a better color for $15. I just had to buy them:)

    Hope you had a great Mother’s Day – thanks for inspiring moms everywhere with your wonderful outlook and positive, muchy nature!

    • Tova Post author

      Thank you Tova!!! 🙂
      First- you know I wanna see those shoes! And second, you’re good- (haha- stupid unintentional joke) because I am never organized enough to actually have my coupons in hand when I need them. That’s impressive. 🙂

  2. Tine Post author

    Bargain, bargain, bargain! Love it, even for a like, totally Southern California girl 😉

    The sweater is cute, but I’m totally drooling over your shoes!!!

    • Tova Post author

      The shoes were a gift from my aunt. She bought them at a resale shop in LA that sells clothing from wardrobe closets of TV shows. Yes. That’s right. Those shoes were worn by Hannah Montana. Dig it yo! hahaha


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