Actually living The Muchness…please stand by…

I’d been hoping to find some time to update my readers on our vacation but it turns out, vacationing eats up a lot of time. The girls have been bonding and they’re so funny and sweet together and I’ve been shepping just watching them get to know and enjoy each other.
…only once or twice did the thought run through my head that if there were three of them and they were a year closer in age it would either be
A. even more stinkin adorable
B. Just a big chaotic mess of screaming children every time we turned around
C. Both

They refused to not share a bed on this trip and watching them love each other melts my heart.

Spending time with this one doesn’t suck either.

…if you don’t hear from me soon it’s cuz sleeping beauty got wind that I posted this and I’m in trouuuuuble!!!

Love & Muchness, Tova

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