READER SUBMISSION!! (Did I tell you how much I love these?)

I received this email from a friend of a friend of a friend…
I’m humbled and touched to read stuff like this.

My friend of a friend of a friend writes:

I had an early miscarriage about two weeks ago and haven’t been feeling quite like myself since.  I described my “symptoms” to (our friend): missing myself, feeling scared that the old me might not return, anxious, etc. She said, “you lost your muchness!”  She told me about you, what you went through, and the Alice in Wonderland quote.

I was trying to find words to label how I feel other than lost, zombie, or adrift.  I love all things dark and goth, but associating those words with NOW is way too hopeless.  I think muchness, or the losing of my muchness is more hopeful and appropriate.

Many months ago, I bought a necklace.  An Alice in Wonderland necklace!  I never wore it and stuffed it into my sock drawer to be forgotten.  Until now.  So, going along with your sparkle and color idea, I realized that this necklaces is going to be the lifeline that I throw into the water for my muchness to grab onto.  I’ll wear it every day until it comes back to me.

 Thank you for the idea of muchness and for sharing your story.

Here is the necklace.  A dagger through a heart, and some other stuff. A droplet of crystaly blood at the end. I told you I enjoy the morbid. 

You are so very welcome. Thank you for sharing and letting me know how The Muchness affected you. I look forward to seeing you take the 30 Day Challenge!!!

xox, Tova


Love & Muchness, Tova

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