So, now that is up and running, I’ve sold a whole lot more Muchness bands!! Most of them are as gifts. Even if the receiver is not aware of The Muchness, each band comes with a cute little booklet explaining what it is and how its designed to help them through a rough patch. It also comes with a special little booklet of papers that you can write on and slude into the secret pocket. I wear a Muchness Band nearly every single day. It honestly affects my mood and the energy i project!
Anyhooooo, my stock is running low so i went to the garment district to but some more materials and bring them to my factory. I wanted to share some pics! I bought some MUCHTASTIC new colors of silk and sequins…. Many are only going to be available in limited editions- i think that’ll make it so fun!!
I’m also thinking of designing pink ones for Breast Cancer Awareness in the month of October and donating proceeds from those to Breast Cancer Research.
So much to do!!! So little time!!!




Those first two pics are in the fabric stores. That last one us the chaotic and super busy garment factory. They make clothing for high end fashion designers, and they make The most fabulous Muchness Bands!!! (what- you didnt think i sat and sewed them? They have to be beautiful people!!! xox)

Love & Muchness, Tova


  1. JenM Post author

    Lol- I really thought you sewed them. As I was reading this, I was picturing you bent over a sewing machine late into the night and I was thinking, how does she find the time?? The garment factory makes more sense.

    • Tova Post author

      hahha- There are people that could sit and sew them. I am not one of them. I’d go bananas.
      But I do design the quote and imprint each one individually.
      Sewing? No. (I can, but I don’t)
      Other more random crafts? Yes.


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