Where the hell have I been? LOST.

You may have noticed that I’ve been MIA recently. I’ve felt bad about it and my first inclination is to sugarcoat it with all the cool, fun and exciting things I’ve been doing, but that would (mostly) be a lie. Though I have been doing cool, fun and exciting things, mostly, what I’ve been doing is vegging out in front of the TV and watching a LOST marathon with Elie. All six seasons. That shit is addictive. And by season 4, it really was pretty much shit. But now I’m hooked, like an addict and I can’t stop till we complete all 6 seasons. When it first aired in 2004 I didn’t even notice. I was elbow deep in the handbag business I’d started in 2002. TV was low on my priority list as I poured my passion, full time, into that endeavor. For your viewing pleasure, this is a snapshot from my catalog from that era:

No, you’re eyes are not playing tricks on you. I was wearing braces. I was in my 20’s and thought I could change the world with a handbag (my handbags kicked ass— with a business course or two, I probably could have.) Even the fact that I was wearing braces didn’t slow me down. I was at the peak of my Muchness and almost nothing could  rattle me. (’till I got screwed over by a large handbag company… we’ll save that story for another time…)

Anyway, I’ve gotten off course. This week, the week between the holidays of Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur is the week that 3 years ago we went from “Yay! We’re almost at 24 weeks and things are looking good!” to “How is it possible I am no longer pregnant and I can’t even begin to comprehend what just happened.” My point? This is a rough week. So I’ve been laying low watching hour after hour after hour of LOST with Elie and counting it as bonding time. And frankly, we’ve bonded. Just last night he whopped me over the head with a pillow while (mostly) trying to exterminate the loudest, most annoying housefly in the history of all man-kind. Hard to explain how and why this was funny, but we were both laughing till tears ran down our faces, so thats a Win in my book.

As the calendar draws closer to Tuesday, September 25th, the day we said goodbye to our girls, I’m just going to allow myself to do what feels right. But after that, I’ve got plans. Because something else has been going on. Something Big. I’m not ready to spill the beans publicly just yet, but it is something that I am hoping will justify the absurd amount of hours I’ve been watching of this LOST marathon and put TV back on the bottom of my priority list, like it was when I was elbow deep following my passion and my Muchness was in full, full-time effect…

Love & Muchness, Tova

2 Replies to “Where the hell have I been? LOST.”

  1. Dennel

    First off, lost is the most perfect way to spend your time. I was addicted Ike a heroin addict. I lived for the next episode. Watched it in the tub, usually with oldest daughter. (working hard to warp her mind). So keep enjoying Lost. It is worth your time. I have all the seasons and made Brooke promise when I’m old and demented that she would come watch them with me. However, watching episodes again, there was so much going on that I had forgotten a lot and it was almost like watching it for the first time.
    Second, you were so totally cute and so were your handbags!

    Third, you are two days before me in the angelversary of your babies. I took the day off work so I could go cry at the grave for a while and then enjoy the snot out of my girls. I know you’ll find a way to make your day more bearable. I’ll be thinking about you and sending lots of love your way.

    Lastly, can’t wait to hear your big plans! 🙂

  2. Rach

    oh tova i totally get it….2 years ago after yom kippur is when i got pregnant..i.e cause he could not touch me and i had been in the hospital. but anyway ive been a veggie in front of the tv too watching netflix and movies from the library. it’s the most fun i have lately. i love those handbags….i think it would be great for moms actually! maybe even insulated lunch bag type…ok. please don’t feel bad for being MIA it’s for a perfectly good reason!


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