Tova’s Muchness Challenge- Day 7!- It’s a Video!!!

I need your help!!! 

Marie Forleo (Former Muchness Chic Of The Week!) is the founder of a Multi-Million dollar business coaching company for women and she is my BFF. OK, maybe not my BFF– yet…. She actually doesn’t know me at all, but she creates these incredibly watchable and insightful and inspiring business coaching videos and a recent one talked about how you can manifest stuff that you want and I want to be Marie’s BFF. So there. By my calculations, I’m about halfway towards my goal.

Marie’s been sharing these free business coaching videos in preparation for the main event, her Upcoming Seminar… Rich Happy & Hot B-school, which I am DYING to go to.

This mornings video ended with an opportunity to WIN a scholarship to her upcoming seminar. These are her rules:

SCHOLARSHIP RULES: Create a video under 2 minutes long. Tell me who you are, what your business is and the bigger WHY behind it. How does your business change the world? I’m looking for heart, creativity and the ability to follow directions.

I was SO INSPIRED after hearing her video I literally walked out of my office, went down to sit on a bench in the middle of Midtown Manhattan, in the middle of a light drizzle, and made this video.

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(I plan to add in text that a portion of the proceeds from sales of Muchness Bands goes to Baby loss or Women & Children based charities…. oh, and I plan to edit out 6 seconds so I follow the rules :-))

So, here’s where you come in. Do you think it’s “enough?” It’s pretty straightforward – no major bells and whistles, but it’s honest and comes from the heart AND in a surprise coincidence, meets my obligation for a Day 7 headshot challenge posting!

I’d love your feedback before I submit it on her site!! If I don’t win this scholarship, it’ll be a lot harder to meet Marie and manifest our BFF-ness into reality—- I’m counting on you!!!

***Note to Self: You should really do something about those bags under your eyes. Sleep would be a good place to start.


Love & Muchness, Tova

15 Replies to “Tova’s Muchness Challenge- Day 7!- It’s a Video!!!”

  1. suzy

    WOW! Fabulous work Tova. I don’t know what else to say. Fantastic! I hope that you win. you deserve it.

  2. Eileen

    A couple of things:
    (1) You’re so cute! 🙂
    (2) I think it’s so great and love that it’s right from your heart. I would hate to think of you re-doing it, but the idea of adding text might help get something in about what your vision for the business end of things might be. Are you hoping to earn more money just from the sale of muchness bands? Do you want to expand into other muchy money makers? I don’t know if this makes sense, but I was just thinking that while the vision of the website is so so great and I’ve gotten so much out of it just from checking in here and there (I’ve not been brave enough to start my own challenge yet), but I think maybe just telling her your vision for the business end, or even just straight up saying that you want to attend the seminar so that you can make the passion you have for muchness into a more profitable business for yourself so that it’s worth the time you put into it, would be compelling.

    I have the lousiest business mind, but I want her to choose your video and that was just what popped into my head as what she might want to see.


    • Tova Post author

      Eileen! Thanks 🙂 and Thanks for commenting and thanks for the insight!!
      All of your questions are spot on… and I definitely have to answer them for myself- but I think those are the technicals of my potential business plan… I feel like she wants the heart of why I’m doing it and how I’d love for it to make a difference in the world. It is so unformed from a business standpoint because it was born completely out of passion and I want it to stay that way… and just get organized and focussed enough to earn me a living so I can afford to commit my time and heart to it in the complete way that I want honestly, feel I need to. Does all that come across? 🙂

  3. Julie Post author

    it’s absolutely perfect! not too much info, just enough. because you either get it, or you don’t. and if you don’t get it, well . . . perhaps you never had the muchness in the first place.

    also awesome to hear your voice. i have a thing for hearing what people sound like 😉

    maybe we should start video muchness blogging?

    • Tova Post author

      Thanks Julie. 🙂
      I want to start video muchness blogging… I get all self-concious though… but this headshot challenge has inspired me to want to ALWAYS be doing a challenge— even if it’s ‘easy’… because it keeps you actively aware of the small moments in your day… Forcing myself to do 30 video blogs…. ooooh girl- THAT would push me out of my comfort zone! (It would also use a crap load of phone memory!:-)) but I’m game!!
      It’s easy to post a video from Youtube. Theres a YOUTUBE button in the post toolbar. 🙂

    • Tova Post author

      I <3 U T-Pup!
      And miss you and want to share a home cooked vegan dinner with you at The Muchness Castle. xox

  4. Eileen

    Tova, yes, that definitely does come across. I just imagined her being all like, “Okay, why should I pick your business?” and I wanted to be sure you presented the business end to her. But you’re right…your passion for what you do and the feeling that this is what people need to get themselves out of a dark place (which it is – I can attest to that!) comes right through and I love that! Sorry to have sounded like I was maybe being critical – I definitely wasn’t. Just want her to pick you!! 🙂
    And PS can you stop having such hard math questions when I want to post a comment? I haven’t had my coffee yet! 😀

    • Tova Post author

      Hi eileen- I didn’t think you sounded critical at all- I appreciate any and all comments, and wanted feedback that would make me think- and yours did! Afterwards I was actually thinking- her whole program is about helping women with small businesses build and grow and empowering every woman to know that they CAN do it. She may very well be looking for someone like me. A great concept born of passion from a person with a million ideas and no plan. :-/ who knows? I’ll just put it out there and manifest my win. 😀

  5. Dennel

    Love it Tova!

    OK, first off, A quick shot at the different colored muchness bands, and a quick what to do with them options would be great.

    Also, maybe mention how many people either are muchness members or visitors?

    Love you and don’t mean to be critical of you, but do you know you say um a lot? lol. Have you seen HOw I met your mother? Broadcaster Robyn says it too. And the university students turned it into a drinking game. Everytime she says um, they take a drink. lol. However, not sure I’d cut them all out, because it shows you’re just speaking from the heart and not reading a paper prompt.

    Let us know how it goes! Fingers Crossed!

    • Tova Post author

      Thanks Dennel! Been thinking about you!! Hope ur feeling good. 🙂
      So, I totally say “um” a lot- and yeah- I’ll take out a bunch if them, but not all- for exactly the reason u said- and Aldo cuz I have to shave off some seconds.
      I thought of adding more pics/info about the Muchness Band because you and I KNOW hOw awesome they are! Haha!!!
      Either way-I gotta make a video for the bands!!! 😀

  6. Jen Sparkles Post author

    I love it! And, btw, you are so adorable :).
    Dennel and Tova, That is funny. I was actually at a business event this morning at Sesame Place (will get into that more below!) and the speaker spoke about tips on public speaking. She said that she used to say “um” a lot and asked a co-worker to touch his ear when they were in meetings everytime she said “um” so she was aware of it.
    HOnestly, I didn’t notice you saying it too much, but I tend to not notice those kind of things. Oh, and the sesame place thing. They have this particular event every year a the same time. And, guess what, when I went last year, I was doign my first muchness challenge! It’s officially been ayear!! Crazy! But, anyway, I digress.
    I liked all of it. And, I agree that maybe the passion should speak first. The one thing I am stuck on is how you mention that you turned to sparkly things (trying to remember exactly what you said) to get out of the grief. I know that’s what you did. But, I feel like the muchness is so much more. I want to chime in and say all the the things that you did that made muchness wonderful and why? LIke, what is it about fun shoes and sequins that helps you get out of the grief? Does this sense? It’s been a long day? I almost feel like by just saying that it doesn’t do the justice of showing what the muchness did to you in the beginning?

    • Tova Post author

      D’oh!! I reset it when I put up the final. Didn’t realize it messed up my post. 🙁 will reset when kget to a computer! Stand by!! 🙂


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