Tova’s Muchness Challenge- day 6 – it’s setting in..,

Here’s the thing about The Muchness Challenge. It really does things you don’t expect. For many of us, getting out of a mental loop of sadness or frustration or darkness is an overwhelming task. There have been people that have started the challenge with the idea that they are going to do monumental posts every day… Their expectations are so high… And then, feeling overwhelmed by the enormity of the task they’ve laid before themselves, they skip a day, and then they feel bad (which is SO the opposite of the point!) and then they give up.
That sucks.
That is one of the primary reasons I encourage you to pick a theme. I’ve been emailing with some new members to help them find a theme that’s right for them (and I’d love to help you too if you’re feeling stuck too!!)
When you pick a theme it helps you tune in your Muchness antenna to a specific area, rather than randomly looking all over the place. It helps you really think creatively and push yourself out of your comfort zone so you can grow. It also, ironically, helps you “phone it in” on days when you just don’t have a lot of time, but will lose momentum if you skip a day. (and those posts, contrary to what you might think, are often the most rewarding days when you look back on your journey…) Ultimately- picking a theme allows you to create a series of photos that, one by one may not be earth shattering, but when compiled over the course of 30 days, tell a story, to you and your readers, about who you are and how these 30 days have watched you blossom.
Don’t set yourself up to fail by trying to write the journey in advance – it doesnt work that way. Just start. Day One. Just experience it, day by day. One Muchness Moment at a time.

So, as you might know, my theme for this challenge is my face. The one I show the world every day. It might not be the most fascinating thing youve ever seen, but it’s conveniently located right above my shoulders all day every day, and convenience is important- I’m a busy girl. 🙂 Whats most important is what its doing inside my head. I started with just my pic and no plans, and already at Day 6 I’m Feeling inspired and creative and looking forward to the little things I can do for myself to keep my photos creative and honest!
Today, I treated myself to a fresh fruit smoothie. I was mad rushed all day and skipped lunch. When I left work I was starved but normally would talk myself out of buying a smoothie cuz they’re $9(!!!!!) but today I treated myself- and it was a muchtastic treat as I ran to catch my bus. 🙂


Love & Muchness, Tova

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