#MuchnessMakeover: Switch the switch

Last week I went to Home Depot to get spray paint for a project. But really I also just needed a break and nothing sparks my creativity like the hardware store, art supply store or dollar store. I could spend forever trolling those aisles.

But that day it was Home Depot. 

Something about being in a rental rather than a home I own means I have to work to make it feel like mine. This has totally sparked my creative muchnessness. Every nook and cranny has the potential make you smile!!

In a moment of inspiration I picked up some oversized light switch plate covers. They were 49 cents each, I think. 

I gave one to my 4.5 year old. We colored them with sharpies. 

Then I sprayed them with a clear coat. 

 It says glitter on it, and I’d assumed it was, but no glitter came out. ? No biggie though. Cuz I have rhinestones!! 

They were the kind pre-stuck with sticky on the backs. Super easy-peasy-lemon-squizie. 

And behold:



Still unsure whose is cooler. What’s your vote? 

Love & Muchness, Tova

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