My form of rebellion 

When I was in high school a lot of my friends pierced their belly buttons as a form of rebellion. Even as a teenager, I thought that was dumb- to mutilate my own body as a way to rebel against somebody else. Dumb. 

When I was 22, working full-time, with my own income, living in my own apartment I decided I wanted to pierce my bellybutton – for me- and so I did.

I went with some friends to a piercing and tattoo parlor in the East Village of Manhattan on a late Saturday night and had my bellybutton pierced. I may have been slightly tipsy, yet I remember it well. 

I clearly remember that on my keychain I had a little vial of glitter which, after piercing my bellybutton, I sprinkled in my hand and blew onto the piercers face. Of course. Some things never change. That was a memorable night. 

Initially the ring that I purchased had a cute little gemstone hanging off of it but as soon as it healed enough to change I replaced the gemstone with a Jewish star. That was my form of “rebellion”. Declaring my Jewish love and pride through a medium that I’d been raised to believe was bad and rebellious. In my mind, the juxtaposition of these two ideas complimented each other as a beautiful truth, and I like to think I’ve continued to live my life with that kind of open-minded mindset. 

I pulled out the belly ring when I was just about to turn 30. I was engaged and went for an MRI and they told me I couldn’t wear any metal. Afterwards I just didn’t put it back in. I guess I felt like I was growing older and that it was “inappropriate”. 

(Good God how I hate that word- The worst decisions I’ve made in my life have happened when I’ve forgotten how much I hate that word.) 

As I see 40 coming around the bend in just three months I’ve been working on making changes in my life, sort of my 40-year-old bucket list. I’ve started doing art for arts sake, (can’t wait to share what I’m creating!) I’m working out, eating better and I just had the brilliant idea to possibly re-pierced my bellybutton for my 40th birthday. When I had it done the first time I remember people saying to me “oh that’s gonna look horrible after you had babies” but now I’ve had babies and guess what? Still cute. In fact, any extra skin wrinkles in that area will just be camouflaged by some lovely razzle dazzle! (I mean, what doesn’t benefit from a lil razzle dazzle, right?) 

So this is just me putting that idea out into the universe for anyone to see. (except Elie who doesn’t read my blog.) Time to start thinking about what I might put there this time around! 

Yay sparkle shopping! 

Love & Muchness, Tova

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