A few days ago I went to a vision board making party with some inspiring friends. One of the women was talking about a friend who’d passed and how this had prompted her to sit with her partner digging deep and really answering this question. I couldn’t get it off my mind. It’s a simple clichèd question we toss around but don’t remember to guide our day to day lives by the answers. So I printed it up, tossed it into a $1 frame and put it in a prominent spot in my home. Thinking I’ll make it into a glitter art piece. But in the meantime, it’s seriously keeping my focused on how I’m spending my time on this earth. This does, of course, mean I’ll be doing even less dishes and laundry. Lolol. Anyway, what’s one thing you might one day wish you would’ve spent more time doing? Or less time?

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Love & Muchness, Tova

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