Brain Farts.

I’ve been having a lot of them lately and they are making it hard to sit and write about all the muchness that is actually happening all around me- Big things, from working on MUCHNESS TV(!!!!!) to little things, like how incredible the gourmet chocolate shop, neuhaus, in the mall was. And the more I try to get to the bottom of this case of mental flatulence, the worse it gets.

It is also August. The shadow of September looms in these warm months. I am missing the twins a lot. Thinking about them. I wonder if it would be different if I’d chosen a different path after they died. If I did what so many people try to do- take that pain, lock it in a box, and move forward, never to speak of it in polite company. If I didn’t create this beautiful project as a tribute to them, if I didn’t create a place for me to speak of them. Maybe I’d think of them less? Maybe I’d be further along in my grief? Further Behind?

Anyway, hoping that just releasing some of my feelings will, um, release some of my feelings so I can get back in the swing of things. Because really, things are swinging!

Today I went to the Mall. Not a place I head to frequently but I needed to pickup some Thank You Cards and knew Papyrus would have some super Muchy ones (I was right)

…and a whole host of other Muchtastic glittery cards!

I was feeling sorta ‘ehhh’ about all the stuff I mentioned above when this chocolate shop caught my eye.

OMG— I loved how they just filled these cases with perfectly perfect mounds of mini chocolates all lined up just so perfectly. I walked in and the woman that worked there gave me this one to try. I thought it was poetic, since it was actually sparkly! I’ve never seen sparkly chocolate!

And if I tell you, that hint was devine!

So I bought two more and left the shop, only to be drawn into LUSH- that shop that sells all natural creams and lotions and potions and soaps.

So, this is why I never head to the mall. I always end up romanced into buying shit I never knew I wanted and didn’t know I needed. I walked into the store because the stuff looked beautiful and colorful and Muchy and I was needing a little of that.

Look- they even have gold bath salts!!

The women offered to give me a mini ‘treatment” on my hands using one of their rubs.

It felt nice.

It smelled good.

I bought it.

Then, they showed me their color wheel. She sat me down and spun the wheel while I held my eyes shut. She instructed me to open my eyes and select the three colors that I felt drawn to, today. Not my favorite colors,per sé, but the colors which grabbed me by the Muchness Meter. (My words. 😉 )

These are the three I selected:

She then “read” me my feelings for the day and kaboom! They were right on target!

After that, I told her about The Muchness Bands which ALSO have a color associated with a positive and inspiring feeling!!! I told her how when people wear their muchness bands they are reminded to look around for their Muchness Moments and see the light and positivity all around them!! (Are you a Member of the Finding My Muchness Community? Log in to your account for info on a special weekend sale on Muchness Bands!!!, Not a member, sign up now!!)

As I am wrapping up this post, I received a text from a friend telling me that this site has inspired her friend to do something huge!Love how the positive energy comes just when I need it the most!



Love & Muchness, Tova

2 Replies to “Brain Farts.”

  1. Beryl

    OMG!!! LUSH. Now I want to go treat myself to a million bath bombs. The nearest one to me is in a mall that’s an hour away…probably a good thing or else I’d spend my entire life savings there. Ha.

  2. Jen R

    Hey Tova! Hugs! It is so exciting all the things you are doing! wohoo…and omg, sparkly chocolate! Wohoaaoa! So awesome. I think that is the best of both my worlds….
    The month leading up to the angel day is so so hard. Remember, I was in a funk from April to June (angel day in May.)? I am not sure if I will ever feel the same about the spring season. SO, I can understand how you feel about end of summer/fall.
    But, it is interesting what you are saying. This morning (or was it last night haha sooo tired!) I had this OVERWHELMING thought about the muchness. Having Luca brought me so much joy and happiness. And, it was the MUCHNESS that helped me shine my light even more and keep me on this insane high since you started it. My life has been completely changed! I don’t know if I would be this way if it weren’t for you. And, I thank you so much for that. HUGS
    PS: I emailed you through facebook, but when you have a moment, can you pretty please give me an assigment!? I really want to to help!!!!
    PSS: Sorry this was a long one!


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