Another Reader Submission!!! (I love these 🙂 )

Dennel is my girl- she actually sews her own own Muchness! How awesome is that? I have more than one submission from her because she is clearly a whiz on the Singer (or Brother, or Viking Husqvarna, or whatever the  heck she sews on) but I am just gonna post one today. Leave you waiting for more….

Dennel (In her silver pants) Writes: This muchness is a lot of fun.  Being an adult sucks sometimes and it’s great to be OK with throwing away all the worries of social acceptability and just being free to sparkle.

Ya know what? I couldn’t agree more. I wanna rewrite that quote in glitter glue and put it on a flag on my front lawn!
Go on with your bad self in your silver pants! I hope you wear those to the grocery store on a saturday morning. That place could use a little Muchness.

Love & Muchness, Tova

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