OMG. I saw these at one of the best stores on the planet – The Christmas Tree Shops! They are like the most glorified dollar store on planet earth. Like a treasure hunt for all the most random crap you never knew you couldn’t live without.

So, they had these napkin rings that looked like GIANT Diamond rings. Forget the fact that I don’t have any napkins that would ever need ringing, I just HAD to own these. I bought 8. OH, those are the “little” ones. The BIG ones were the size of my fist- and that’s just the Diamond!!! I bought every single one they had in stock- Total- 5.

What on earth am I going to do with these glorious tchatchkas???? I have NO IDEA!


Love & Muchness, Tova


  1. Pamela Anne

    well… i saw them locally and fell in love with them also. i like anything that glitters, is shiny and i LOVE sequins and rhinestones ! i could not figure out what to do with them either and then i got an idea……… i will use them for putting up a sari swag in my bedroom! i have a friend on her way to India and has willingly agreed to bring me back 2 saris . how awesome is that? i will turn one into a bedspread and the other into a swag curtain hanging down on either side of the window… i will loop the cuties through and get my husband to help me “MacGyver” some sort of wall mount for them in the corners. i suppose you could also place an arrangement of flowers ( real or good fakes!) inside the circle and place it into a shorter vase. it might be kinda fun to string them on a shower curtain , if your willing to remove the rod to do it ….. alternating the curtain hooks and spacing them out. or maybe string them together with raffia or funky ribbon and let them dangle in a cluster in the middle of curtain rod and let natural light give you a show!

  2. Tova Post author

    Wow Pamela- I love the sari idea! They are so beautiful and the colors are amazing! I actually had also thought to use it to tie back curtains. Most of my house has redi-shades -those temporary paper things you get at home depot before you are ready to get real shades. I’ve only been in my house three years so, ya know, I’ll be upgrading any day now. Eh hem. But, in the room we just got made over On HGTVs Color Splash, David Bromstad gave us these floor length beautiful sheer curtains that run the length of the room… And block the air conditioner vent on the floor. I swagger them back with a little hook but it’s ugly. This will definitely be a good upgrade when I figure out how to anchor it to the wall. If you figure out how, let me know! So, that’s one. What about the rest of them?!?!


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