I figured out the problem :)

MUCHNESS is meant to be SHARED!!!! The best part of Finding MY Muchness was seeing how much it affected the people around me! And the best part of seeing how it affected the people around me, was seeing how it affected the people around THEM!!!!

Creating this site was just the beginning. Adding the Challengers was the next step. BUT IT WAS ONLY ONE STEP!!!! Adding the MUCHNESS Bands was an AMAZING way for people to get a little piece of light and Muchness… but still- I need EVERYONE to understand the healing powers of Muchness!!! Wearing sparkle is one piece of it, but EVERYONES MUCHNESS IS DIFFERENT!!!! AND IT NEEDS TO BE SHARED!!!!

OK- stay tuned for International MUCHNESS DAY – November 15th- when ALL WILL BE REVEALED!!! I am working on an so many things for this site! Things that will make it just so. much. MUCHIER!!!!! …AND, there will also be contest and give-aways and picture sharing so START THINKING SPARKLE!!!!

xox, Tova

Love & Muchness, Tova

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