Tova’s Muchness Challenge- Day 10! Happy Headshot!

So- this day has just flown by and I was so engaged in the activities of the day, I didn’t have time to think about my pic of the day. (That’s a lie- I thought about it- I just didn’t take it. That’s an important differentiation) Then, at about 9:30 my phone rang and it was my friend Sara that I’ve wanted to catch up with for so long but our schedules weren’t matching up. So finally tonight we got to chat for a while about her new apartment and all the random crap I was talking about. At one point I realized I hadn’t done my pic yet but said “That’s the beautiful thing about having a theme! I’m just gonna take a picture of my tired face and say -‘THAT’S MY PIC!” and then I won’t feel bad that I skipped a day and my momentum will keep going!”

Then we continued talking and I told her about something so sweet that Molly did and said today and she asked me if I write that stuff down and I replied “No- and I hate myself for it.” so she said “Well then, you should make that your next theme!” and I said “OMG! I LOVE that idea!- I’m gonna go write it down in my filofax RIGHT NOW!” and so I did and then I made Elie take a picture of me on the phone with Sara with my filofax in hand, on my list of themes I’m gonna do when I finish this one!

***Note to self- this is a terrible picture. Have you no shame?

PS- actually taking to Sara was the jolt behind this MPOTD… the theme idea was just icing.

Love & Muchness, Tova

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    • Tova Post author

      haha- I look soooo tired. Thank you. 🙂
      having a reason to capture that moment was total muchness. 🙂


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