Finding The Muchness That Runs through your blood

Last weekend we went to visit my grandmother. Not Babby Kayla, Lady K. My other grandmother, Madame P. Growing up I always liked rummaging through all of her pretty stuff. And the candy drawer. I knew my grandmother enjoyed collections of little figurines but I never consciously realized how incredibly Muchtastic they actually are! Clearly, this Muchness obsession is in my blood. Like Lady Gaga so prolifically said “I’m on the right track baby, I was born this way!!”

Check this out- my 92 year old grandmother may not be able to wear these Muchtastic shoes, but she hasn’t let that stop her from enjoying them!

SONY DSC  Oooooh, shoes!!

SONY DSC Muchy Shoes!

shoes1 Many Muchy Shoes:

SONY DSC The shoes I almost bought this summer:

Screen shot 2011-11-27 at 12.21.35 PM The shoes in My grandmother curio cabinet:

SONY DSC And, ahem, do these look familiar?

SONY DSC check it out:

Screen Shot 2013-12-09 at 9.41.23 AM Funny, right?

Stay tuned for my post about her Swarovski Crystal figurine collection!!here’s a peek:


Are you searching for your Muchness? Think about the talents and skills that run through your blood. The talents and skills that others in your family have shown that have always left you feeling proud or ‘jealous’… Maybe there’s something inspired  there you’ve been denying out  of fear. Go there! Explore  it! There’s no time like NOW!!

Happy Monday!


Love & Muchness, Tova

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