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Today is my 35th birthday. 35. Wow. I remember when my mom was 35. I was like, 12. But let’s not go there. The point is that I was born in 1976. That makes me on the cusp. On the cusp of what? Generation X and Generation Y. That’s right. ’76 is the turnover year. The year which decides if you have to learn how computers work, or if you simply just know how they work… The year which decides which you know better; the lyrics to Slippery When Wet or Have a Nice Day. Well, as far as Bon Jovi is concerned, I am definitely Gen X. Knowing every lyrics to every post-millenium Bon Jovi song is the single most important reason Elie married me. (More on that another time.) And as far as computers are concerned, I am also certainly Gen X.  I stumble, I fumble, I curse, I bang on the desk and call for someone, ANYONE to PLEASE help me!!!

So, because I’m 7 years past due, I’ve finally decided I’m gonna give this twitter thing a go. Mostly because I really want to share my Muchness Pic Of The Day daily on my phone and twitter gave me an easy way to do that. I’m working on trying to make it as easy to upload to this site as it is to upload to twitter, but, well, let’s just say there’s been a lot of cursing and table banging and no super easy uploads..

So, why should you follow me on twitter? Because right now I am following 123 people and only 66 are following me, and apparently, having less followers than followees makes you pretty uncool. Just ask any Gen Y’er. They’ll tell ya. And, well, I kinda don’t wanna be uncool. So Please follow me! 😀

Also- I wear sequins EVERY DAY!!! And awesome muchy shoes!! And I wanna twit-pic them and it would make me happy to know someone, anyone, might see them and it will make them a wee bit happy too! Because sometimes, people see me in the street and compliment my muchy get-ups and that makes me so happy! And sometimes, I get “funny” looks from people and I have to decide if they are thinking “Oh! She looks cool! She probably has a ton of twitter followers!” or if they’re thinking “That girl’s gonna fall on her butt in those 6″ platforms, and really? Sequins on a random tuesday? Who does she think she is, Lady Gaga?”   

By and large I always make up my mind to think they’re thinking the first thing because it’s good for my emotional stability, but realistically I know some are thinking the second thing. Because sometimes they think out loud and I can hear them. But no matter. I don’t mind. Because I know that anyone who knows The Muchness would understand that I’m just not wearing unusual clothes, I am simply IN TOUCH WITH THE MUCH!!! However, the only thing missing from this beautiful equation is the twitter followers. I want as many as Lady Gaga.

But it’s not all about me. You too can also get in on the fun! I’ve been hashtagging my posts like this-  #MuchnessPicOfTheDay -and trying to remember to hashtag my word #muchness too! That way when #Muchness takes over the universe, (or at least takes over twitter) all those Gen Y’ers will know exactly where to find us!! Join the MUCHNESS Revolution!!!

Hey, anyone know what’s after Gen Y? Out of curiosity…


Love & Muchness, Tova

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