[Muchness Makeover!] Safety first!!

Molly’s refused to ride her bike forever because she is embarrassed by her “babyish” Pinkalicious helmet. 

I have refused to buy her a new helmet because it’s a practically new helmet and… spray paint. 

Now that I’ve forgotten/procrastinated doing this for months and months, Molly finally lost hope in it happening all together. Which means the time had come to finally do it. 

Because I’ll be damned if she hasn’t  waited so long for something that she doesn’t really learn to appreciate it. (Did that sentence structure make sense? I can’t tell, but you get my point.) 

Behold, the offending, embarrassing, babyish before: 

There were little rhinestones glued in swirls on the sides. I forgot to photograph it before popping them off. 

Prepped and ready:

Covering up the offending pinkaliciousness:

Riding round town with all the confidence in the world! 

I was thinking of glueing more rhinestones, maybe turquoise colored, onto the swirls, but she doesn’t seem to care and if I offered to do than she’d hold me to it, and then it wouldn’t get done till her 14th birthday. 

Ya know, so she really appreciates it. ?

Love & Muchness, Tova

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