Meaningful wall art project

This past February was the 25th anniversary of the FIT Toy Design BFA program of which I am an alumni. The two years I spent in that program were easily two of the most profound years of my life with regards to self-discovery and learning to understand and apply my creativity. I was sad I couldn’t go to the reunion, now that I live across the country, but, those are the trade offs. 

Anyhow, the invitation, in typical Toy Design fashion, was fun and creative. It was a box of cards with inspiring quotes on the back about play and the magic of childhood. The back of the cards contained a “puzzle” that assembled into the actual invitation: 

Brilliant, right? 

You know I have a thing for inspiring quotes and so I decided they needed to be hung on the wall. 

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t in love with the card color choices, and wasn’t really sure how to find inspiration to fall in love with them so I sorta just taped them up there and framed them with some washi style tape. 

But they were hidden in the back of the house, by the laundry room… Waiting for inspiration to find me. 

And then it did. 

I started with a $20 IKEA frame and some very old tissue paper I found at the bottom of my craft closet. 

And so it began…


…and continued…  
…and continued…    
…and continued… 


…and continued… 
…until finally…




(It’s opposite a glass door, the glare is harsh in the pic but more natural in person.)


And it’s got a place of prominence in my kitchen above my art cart:

…as it should. 

Love & Muchness, Tova

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