Rebuilding… One Muchy Brick at a time….

Thanks for sticking by while I get this site back to full Muchness speed. I’ve been able to collect some of the text of my lost posts and recreate them so they are not gone forever. I work hard on a lot of those posts and it’s sad that they may never be seen or heard from again.

If you are a challenger or former challenger and you want to collect your posts from google, you may be able to do that. Go into google and search for plus your names 30 days of Muchness. The more specific you are, the better. Then, the posts will pop up, but if you click on them they will go to an error page. You have to click on the word “cached” that appears at the end of the link, Or, right click “cached” in the scroll down menu that pops up when you hover. Then, the page will open and your text will be there. You can copy and past it into a word document or into a new posting page. But you gotta add the pic back by re-uploading from your computer.

If you want to go through the trouble of doing this, I’ll send 1,000 air kisses your way!!! (but if you don’t I won’t be upset… I love you for participating in the first place!!! xoxoxoxox)

(If you have trouble logging in, let me know. I’ll fix your account.)

Love & Muchness, Tova

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