A new beginning

Two months ago we packed ourselves up and moved across the country on a whim. We’d come up with the idea in March, sold our house in April, found a rental in May and hopped a plane in June. 

As we drove through the quiet highways at dusk, the morning of our flight, I snapped a picture of the NY skyline and recorded my feelings in a FB post.   

 It’s now been just over two months. 

We’ve settled into our new home, though I’m still unpacking boxes of craft supplies. 

The girls have started school, started making new friends and we’re getting into the rhythm of our new home town. 

And it’s been good. 

So very good. 

And as I sink into this new life and absorb the world around me, I’ve started to hear the universe whispering to me. I know that sounds hoaky but it’s true. And it sounds a lot like “start doing that Muchness thing again Tova. It’s time.” 

The truth is, the whole time I wasn’t blogging or engaged in growing The Muchness as a movement, I’ve still very much been living by its principles— basically, do the stuff that makes you feel your most muchiest. And despite life’s ups and downs, when I take the long view, time and again, it’s worked. 

I’m not really sure where to start. Like an old friend you haven’t seen in forever, that first reunion can feel awkward and make you insecure— what do they expect from me? 

I’m gonna start, I think, just sharing many of the #muchnessmakeover crafts I’ve been doing. San Diego brings out the artist in me. For that I’m happy. 

We’ll see where it leads….

Love & Muchness, Tova

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