Tova’s Muchness Challenge -Day 5 – she’s got legs

At my job I design leggings. Tons and tons of leggings.
We have solid color leggings, denim leggings, floral leggings, tie-dye leggings, sparkly leggings, bike length leggings… You name it, we make it. When people make the mistake of wearing leggings incorrectly, I hold myself just a bit responsible.
Today we got in some samples of leopard print leggings and I needed to make sure they were sized correctly. I asked my fit model to try the size medium. I put on the small.
We bumped into each other in the hall and it was just ridiculously funny.

—note to self: you need a haircut. Looks like you bought a one-way ticket to split-ends-ville.

Love & Muchness, Tova

4 Replies to “Tova’s Muchness Challenge -Day 5 – she’s got legs”

  1. suzy

    Love them, however I could never wear them as I have thunder thighs – I would be one of those who wear them incorrectly…I would be wearing them in the first place. You look fab Tova btw.


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