Tova Gold Investigates: The Case of The Lost Muchness

Tonight I’m sitting with Elie watching The X Factor. (Keep your judgements to yourself please. ;-))

I love watching these competition shows and seeing the Muchy ways people try to stand out with their appearance.
Well hello leopard girl. Much or too much? hmmm… discuss.
Also, of course, I like to judge their voices, as If I have any idea what the hell I’m talking about.
But anyway, tonight they picked the 24 finalists and sent them to their mentors houses. As we watched this chic, Paige Thomas perform, Elie said something profound.
He said,

“It’s like this girl lost her Muchness.” 

See, they showed a clip of her at her first audition. She was confident and sexy and likable, and the judges and audience LOVED her. Because the girl was MUCHY!
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But as the competition has continued, she’s been struck with a major case of of the freak-outs. You can see her overthinking. She’s a mom and has put a LOT of pressure on herself to do well for her daughter (hmmm… relate much?)
Then she performed for Demi Lovato and Demi’s comment? “The pressure’s got to her and her insecurities are getting the best of her.” – AKA: She’s lost her Muchness. So sad to watch that happen. I’m writing this before I know if she gets through to the next round. I hope she does. If only so I can watch her re-find her Muchness. ‘Cuz she’ll have to. And that’s always super fun to watch. 🙂

Love & Muchness, Tova

4 Replies to “Tova Gold Investigates: The Case of The Lost Muchness”

  1. Joni Lowe

    I LOVE watching those type of shows too. They’re so inspiring – working so hard to go after what they want, publicly, in front of millions. That’s super courageous, committed, and muchy!!

  2. Judi

    Yes, I have noticed that in Paige too. She is beautiful and talented and let her muchness be overshadowed by nerves. As for the leopard girl, um, too much. She has talent, but is not like able. We were trying to figure out if it was a tattoo and when they showed her painting it on, it just seemed more ridiculous, I don’t know the word I’m looking for, but it doesn’t fit her, you know?

    • Tova Gold Post author

      Yeah- Leopard girl – I also wondered if it was a tattoo, and yes- I think the word you were looking for is LAME… If she had a positive attitude it wouldn’t be that off-putting, and also, if she varied it a bit it would at least be creative! She should put paisleys, and checkerboards, and maybe a little houndstooth! Oh- and then accented it with little rhinestones! HELLO?!? That would really make her more likable, in my totally-not-qualified-to-have-an-opinion opinion. Also, ya know, if she wasn’t so unlikable. Because girl can sing…. though not as well as that 13 year old tonight who is just fan-friggin-tastic! I hope she wins. 🙂


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