10 Simple ways to tap into your Muchness!! – Add your own!!

So many little things we can do to brighten up the world we live in and bring little Muchness Moments into the every day. Here are a few- Ill bet you can do all 10 things in 24 hours and make your tomorrow MUCH MUCHIER!

  1. Replace that pen. You know the one. It rolls around in the bottom of your purse. The one with the insurance company name on it. Just go out and get a cute pen. Seriously. Every time you reach for it you’ll think “ooooh! I forgot how cute my pen is!”
  2. Wear a pair of colorful tights. What? Too Much? OK. Build up to it! Start with colorful sock inside boots. You’ll forget they’re there and then when you pull off your boots at the end of the day, POW! A surprise burst of color to make you smile!
  3. Do your nails. But wait. Don’t do them in them in the safe, soft, neutral color you think you should! Instead, do them in the gorgeous, bold, color that made you go “OH! Now That’s a beautiful color!”
  4. Call and old friend. Someone you haven’t spoken to in a while. The one you’ve been thinking about calling but haven’t found the time. Find the time.
  5. Replace the buttons on an old sweater or coat with something Muchy, colorful or unexpected. You’ll forget you did it and get a rush every time you reach for the garment and remember how you brought it back to life. Too much? Replace the little inside fly button on your favorite black trousers with a kooky colored button. No one will see it but you and it’ll perk up your bathroom breaks!
  6. Crank up the car radio next time a song comes on that makes you wanna sing! Bounce your shoulder! Make up lyrics! Invent drum noises and pretend you’re a rock star!! What? You’re worried the lady in the Honda Odyssey next to you is gonna think you’re nuts? WHO CARES?!? Cranky McCrankster’s just jealous of your Muchness! Wear it Loud! Wear it proud!
  7. Get totally glammed up and go on a dinner date. To the local diner. Everyone will assume you are just coming from or on your way to someplace totally fabulous! (And you’ll get to wear that cocktail dress that’s been hanging in your closet since 2007, begging for a night on the town!)
  8. Cover your important papers with happy face stickers. Like your bills. Someone, somewhere is gonna receive that mortgage payment and see your happy face sticker and it’ll make them smile. because opening other peoples bills all day is probably not that persons dream job either.

Uh Oh! I need two more but it’s my bed time!!! Please help me finish this list!!! How can anyone easily tap into a muchness moment on any random day?!?!?!

Dennel added these great ideas too!!!

LOVE your list!  here’s a few ideas for you 🙂

pretty bras.  They even have sequin bras at la senza right now.  You can feel sexy even if you’re dressed totally normal.

super colorful eyeshadow.  takes like 10 seconds.

sexy lingerie.  I had to take care of a freind post surgery for a few days.  had a hard time finding appropriate sleepwear becasue all I have is sexy lingerie 😉

muchness band on your rearview mirror-reminds you to smile when you’re stuck in traffic.

air fresheners.  hard to be sad when the room smells so delicious you wanna eat it up

dress up and dance with your kids.  make it a very important event, send an invitation even.  don’t answer the phone or touch your electronic devices, be completely plugged in to having fun with your kids.

heels.  i have yet to accomplish skinny heels, but I think for this summer, it will be my goal.  I would love to have that strutt.

baking…I make llike 6 dozen buns or cookies at a time…..but wait…then send your kids to each of the neighbours with a bag full.  spreads muchness and teaches your kids to take care of others and neighbours will love you. 🙂

Love & Muchness, Tova

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