Pretty, Pretty Dresser

I got this for free. My uncle had it in storage. I saw it and said “That’s pretty.” He said “Take it”. I did. It sat in the basement till I had a baby and therefore, enough time to refinish it. Then it took me an additional 3 more months to put in the mirrors. The last, easiest step always takes the longest…

What do you think?

Dresser Detail before

Dresser Detail Before

Dresser before, top hutch

Dresser before, top hutch

Dresser before-bottom

Dresser before-bottom

Ain't it perty?


Silver Paint pen!  



After Door Detail

Hello, Hello Kitty!

The mirrors add the Muchness!

Love & Muchness, Tova

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  1. Tzippora Post author

    This piece got a real makeover.. looks fantastic! (love how you got rid of the yellow!) And.. love that drawing of a girl that’s standing on the dresser’s top right corner.. so pretty.


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