Weekend Muchy Makeover!!

I think every NJ home needs a bit of Boca.

These were $2.50 each at Target. But the Muchness they add to our garden is priceless!!

Front Yard Before:


Front Yard After:

Back “yard” Before:

Back “yard” after:

I told landscaper that I could / would not ‘garden’ and he should just leave that area around the AC unit bare for me to fill with random colorful things. He didn’t believe me and now, every season I just yank out the stuff that grows from the roots. I really wanna fill that whole area with a mish-mash of random tacky crap. That would make me happy. (Except my twins rock. That’s not random tacky crap. That’s my heart.)


WooooHoooo!!!! It’s picture time!!!! Molly’s at the age where she likes projects. And she likes doing stuff in the kitchen. I too like projects. And cookies. I like cookies. So I created a fun and (I’m sure) terribly unique project to do with Molly!!

We start with the basics. Cookies:

Mmmmm sugar

What? You didn’t think I actually baked, did you??

Next, Pour Edible Muchness into a bowl:

Now, pour other edible Muchnesses into other bowls:


Variety is the spice of life:

I think you can see where I’m going here….

Ok. Then we each got our own tray:

Ok. Stop focussing on the mess behind us and start focussing on my MUCHTASTIC RAINBOW LEOPARD PRINT ONE-PIECE FOOTSIE PAJAMAS!!! (Uh. I can’t. I seriously need to devote a whole post to the awesomeness of footsie pajamas. People just do not understand!!! They’re the best!!!)

OK! now get busy decorating!!! That’s the fun part! Get creative! Get silly! Get Nuts! (Unless you’re allergic to nuts. Then I suggest you skip the nuts.)

Decorations are complete and they are very avant-gard:

Here are some pretty close-ups ‘cuz my new ‘how to blog‘ book says people like pretty close-ups. So go on, enjoy. I like pretty close-ups too:


Mine were pretty meticulous:

Molly’s were more freestyle:

Then, we put them in the oven…

and waited…

and waited…

and waited…

NEVER has 11 to 13 minutes taken this long!

DING!!!!  FINALLY they were done!!!! look how Yummy!

Some more pretty close-ups on my pretty blue plate:

But are they any good? It looks like……. YES!!! SUCCESS!!!! WOOOOHOOOO!

And because I’m so devoted to The MUCHNESS…. for your viewing pleasure:

Yeah- see it?! It’s subtle but ya can’t stop me!!! wooohoo! It’s a MUCHNESS MADNESS Post too!!!!!


Keep your inspiration close by

This is posted above the desk in my basement/ workroom where I assemble the Mychness Bands and get them ready to ship.
I’d love to revamp the space and make it more functional- and soon I will. But in the meantime, this keeps me going.
Today I found it especially appropriate. Just because my server failed, doesn’t mean I will!!!



I’m introducing a new Segment here on FindingMyMuchness.com

BTM vs. ATM Before The Muchness vs. After The Muchness

I’ve found that I’ve upgraded a lot of the little details in my life since I started on this journey of Finding My Muchness. They are things I wouldn’t have thought mattered much before, but turns out, sometimes the best place to look for your Muchness is in the little things.

So in  the spirit of that, I introduce to you BTM vs. ATM; Coat hooks.

They are functional. They are sold at all over the place. They get covered with coats. In the case of coat hooks, does Muchness really matter?



Coathooks, BTM


Coathooks, ATM

I couldn’t pick just one style. And then I realized, um, I don’t have to!!!

Come on baby, light my Muchness

Don’t expect me to explain what the post title means. It uses the words light and Muchness and that’s what this post is about.

I was so inspired by the makeover that David Bromstad and HGTV’s Color Splash brought to my house. (what? you didn’t know they were here last week? You missed it here, or here, or here….) In all seriousness, David listened to what I said and interpreted a room for us that is so amazing, so enjoyable and vibrant and happy and truly, so “us”, that I really feel like the Queen of Muchness in there. Especially when I’m sitting on the chairs on this previously mentioned receipt. They are the Muchness thrones.

But I digress, and I will stop kissing Color Splash ass for just a moment. I have these pendant lights in my kitchen.

There are three in this location. Not two.

And there are another three in the sunroom (to the right of the pic)

Three more in the sunroom

I hate them. I hoped they’d be gone when I got back from my makeover. They weren’t. They were still there (In the kitchen, which opens to the makeover room, which I can’t show to you… yet) And I hated them more than ever. Those ones in the back sunroom are the worst. When you turn on the light  it makes the whole room orange. It’s like a bordello- and not in a good way. See:

Not Cute. it's like hanging out in the fire pits of hell.

So, inspired, I decided on a DIY fix. My first plan was to go hunting for 6 cut crystal bowls or glasses as thrift shops or flea market and get holes drilled in them to create new shades. Then reality set in and I realized I don’t have time to do that- and it likely wont work. So I went to Christmas Tree Shops to be inspired. I was inspired to buy these, and $200 dollars worth of other crap I don’t need (but really, really wanted) but nothing for the lights.

Though I swore this room would hence forth be an IKEA FREE ZONE, (minus the kitchen cabinets- ya know, a very minimal element)  I went there anyway. If you hack something Ikea, it’s not really Ikea, and I thought maybe some cool vase would work. I was almost out of the store with these when I saw these:

Cheesy plastic shade. It literally comes flat and you have to make it a cylinder yourself.

Not much to look at, right? But, I was inspired… and they were $3 each. Sold.

Come home. A little striped tissue paper for gift wrapping and a little spray mount and I’ve got these:

Silver and white striped tissue paper.

Much calmer. Much cleaner. Much classier, and I love how it matches the new living room.
What? They look a little lacking in the Muchness? Well, take a look at this:

Hell's yeah!

That’s just a little colored tissue paper lining the inside. Subtle… then ka-pow!
Oh, goodness, how I wish I could show you the other colorful light situations in this room. But I cannot.

So check it out from eye level:


and in the sunroom:

sunroom lights off

...and on...and on...and on....

The big picture:

Now My lights are Muchy, and I am happy.

What do you think?



Ya know what? I LOVE how The Muchness just keeps paying it forward! Inspired by Dennel, I have just taken out my sewing machine for the first time in…. um…. I have no clue. Lets just say the last time this machine saw the light of day it was a top of the line (ish) and it was not yellow! I opened the case and gasped! Honest to god, the thing used to be white.

But no matter. I threaded that thing right up and it ran like a dream. And the best part?? It’s what I’m gonna make on this sewing machine….

Stay tuned…

Easy Peasy Picture Project

Exhibit A:
Family pics taped near mollys bed.


Exhibit B:
Molly in her Dora Snuggie, home sick from school and bored.


Exhibit C:
Scrapbooking clips from the dollar store (24 for a buck!)


Exhibit D:
Molly strings them on a string from some other toy.


Exhibit E:
Clips are tied to the rope ends and mounted to the wall with removable command strips.


Exhibit F:
Gallery wall!