Gilded trinket tray

I’ve been doing a lot of crafty stuff lately. 

On my long to do list is sharing them with you because frankly, they’re cool and original and they make me happy to make so they’ll increase my happy to share. So here’s one:

A few posts back I mentioned how I was painting on my front lawn and one of my oldest friends in the world whom I’d lost touch with randomly walked by. 

She invited me to her daughters upcoming bat mitzvah. When we met her daughter was wearing a t-shirt that said “sparkle is my favorite color”, so ya know, my people. 

I thought about what’s a good thing to give a 12 year old girl that she’ll really appreciate (besides cash) and decided that something sophisticated and unique and personalized would be what I’d want and since I basically have the same tastes as a 12 year old, I got to work. 

Since I don’t know her kid at all, I based my idea on the small bit of knowledge I did know about her, and that came from the design of the invitation:   

Shockingly enough, I already owned washi tape in similar colors and with a similar pattern to match her invitation. 

I also happened to have a lovely yet simple white ceramic candle/trinket tray, still wrapped from a gift I’d rec’d but didn’t really have a great spot for. 

Excellent. Let’s get started. 

First, I laid the wide washi tape around the four sides.  After that I laid the skinny washi tape about 1/4 in from the first washi tape. Sorta a layered look. 

Some technical notes: 

I made sure to leave a reasonable sized border of plate on the outside edge of the wide tape. This helped the the tape conform to the curves of the plate without having to work too hard. 

I created those mitred corners really easily. I laid the tape edge to edge in each direction and then just sliced through both layers from corner to corner. 

Here’s a pic of me doing it w the skinny tape:  


What was unexpectedly cool was how much the tape looked like it was part of the ceramic, especially the tape with the white background. 

Ok. After getting my washi frame in place I got to work on the name. 

At first I’d wanted to use Swarovski crystals to write it but I also knew I wanted to seal the whole thing for durability and sealer on top of swarovskis is a disaster. 

I was going through my “muchification drawer” (a real thing) looking for gold glitter paper. I was gonna print her name backwards, glue it to the back of the paper and then carefully exacto out the name and glue it in place. But, as luck would have it, while rifling through the muchification drawer I came upon the perfect solution: itty bitty little gold sequins with subtle pink accents.  

Because seriously, who doesn’t have that just hanging out at the bottom of a drawer somewhere, right?  

So, I got to work. 

I used a white pickup pencil because I had it within arms reach and i could rub it off. I free-handed her name in the same style font as it’s written on the invitation.  

Then I used jewelry epoxy to carefully glue the sequins in place.  

That thing was sparkleriffic, let me tell you! 

After the sequin glue dried I pulled out the elmers glue and a foam brush to reinforce and seal the washi tape to the plate.  

 Truthfully, I probably shoulda done that step before the sequins but I was impatient to start the sparkle. I just made sure not to get the glue on the sequins so it didn’t dull their shine. The glue goes on white but it dries clear. I also used a tweezer to pull up the edges of tape to glue underneath as the corners had started to pull away from the ceramic around the curves. You can sorta see it near the mitred corner in this pic:

When that was all good and dry I was ready for the last step- the most exciting step besides the glitterfication. The pour-on epoxy sealer! 

This stuff is the best thing ever- it makes everything it touches look like glass. It’s just brilliant and you can use it a bazzilion creative ways. 

Basically, it’s two liquid parts. You combine equal amounts of each and mix it up really well and then pour it on stuff and it’s like sealed under “glass” forever.  

  I used a sponge on the tape areas, I didn’t need or want it super thick there, just enough to seal it in place. This also let me control its placement along the perimeter of the plate without it dripping off in the wrong direction. I started w the perimeter so the epoxy would fall into the cavity of the plate. You can see it there in the top corner of the picture dripping onto the cavity. 

I was a bit nervous to use it because when it’s poured over crystals the crystals just lose ALL their muchness, so I thought the sequins might too. But they didn’t. So then I just poured the rest over the sequins.  

I spread and flattened it with the sponge. It was totally level and smooth, no sequins were protruding above the epoxy and the washi tape looks absolutely etched on there. 

As the epoxy dried it did roll down the edges into the plate but enough stayed put to act as a sealer and protector. The sequins look embedded in there. It’s really quite gorgeous, if I do say so myself. 

Here’s some more pics because they’re free. 

Reflecting the sunlight on the sequins and glass-coated finish. 

   The tape as etching up close. 


May The Muchness Be with You

A few weeks ago was my 7 year old nephews birthday party!!! My sister is going all kookie with this Star Wars theme. Apparently, he’s obsessed.

About a month before, she asked me to make the invitation. um hmmm:

Two weeks later, she called me up to ask me to figure out how the kids can make their own light sabers. So, I went with her to the art store, got some acrylic sheets,  some fancy double stick tape, and some flashlights and we figured out how a room full of 7 years olds can make light sabers:

And then, it occurred to me this morning I don’t have a gift for the kid. I thought about running to Toys R Us and getting a Star Wars themed Lego set, but everyone’s gonna do that and I like to think myself a little more creative than “everyone”. So, I decided to stop thinking about him and procrastinate till the last minute and go instead to Christmas Tree Shops and see what kinda pink, sparkly Valentines Day crap they had for sale that week. It was disappointing. I must’ve been a little late to the party. Everything was pastel and covered with bunnies.

But anyway.

As I strolled the aisles talking myself out of buying every random knick-knack I never knew I couldn’t live without, I came to the Picture Frame aisle. Now, I always troll the picture frame aisle and think “Oh, I could spray paint that and glue some rhinestones on it and make it super cute….. one day. I’m not in the mood to spend $4 and add more clutter to my basement today.”

And then inspiration hit and I decided to buy my nephew a picture frame and mini photo album.


I mean, what 7 year old boy would not be thrilled with this???

Well, I brought myself down to the basement (AKA: MUCHNESS COMMAND CENTER) and commenced, the Muchification!

 The Album

Grab Star Wars images from internet:

print onto iron-on paper and get moving!

The Frame

Spraypaint: (I just happened to have some black chalkboard paint lying around the house. Who doesn’t??)

Decoupage the art:

Yes. I framed the frame with a little sticky backed glitter foam. YES, I know he’s a boy. He’s cool like that. 🙂

The Bonus

Midway through printing my iron-on, my ink started to fade. That paper is expensive! and so is the ink! I didn’t wanna just trash it. Hmmmmm…

Muchy Problem Solving!

I cut off the bottom, rounded the edges and put it into the home-made card!

Presto! The most magnificently muchtastic Star Wars custom made birthday gift EVER!

PS- FYI,  I totally made fun of my sister for going over-the-top for this shindig. Molly’s 4th birthday is in two weeks. I could not help myself. It is going to be a disco extravaganza. So sue me.


I recently discovered a whole host of blog posts from crafty folks about how to muchify (my word, not theirs) stuff with glitter and mod podge.

Like clothes:

or bags:

or other bags:

or lampshades:

Or Sexy shoes:

or supercool sneaks:

Click on any of those pics to go to the tutorials but the technique is basically the same. Mix glitter and mod-podge 1:1. Paint it where you want it.  INSTANT MUCHNESS!!!


Jeffrey Campbell Skate Shoes -MUCH OR TOO MUCH? THE VERDICT

As you may recall, I determined that the carved wooden sole on these shoes were neither Much, nor, really, Too Much. They just seemed to be trying too hard. And to me, the efforts fell somewhere in the middle. I determined I’d return them because I didn’t feel that I would feel confident in their Muchness as I navigated through the Concrete Jungle.

But then, I realized the problem. They were not MUCH. And, they were not TOO MUCH. They were, in fact, NOT MUCHY ENOUGH.

Now, there is no longer a question. Behold:

Undeniable MUCHNESS!!








More Tape

Bag ’em

Prime ’em

Tape off the details

Spray ’em

Remove tape over details

Hand paint the details




***editors note: I sprayed the whole thing with high gloss varnish before removing the final tape.

***editors second note: AREN’T THEY AWESOME????!!!!



I’m introducing a new Segment here on

BTM vs. ATM Before The Muchness vs. After The Muchness

I’ve found that I’ve upgraded a lot of the little details in my life since I started on this journey of Finding My Muchness. They are things I wouldn’t have thought mattered much before, but turns out, sometimes the best place to look for your Muchness is in the little things.

So in  the spirit of that, I introduce to you BTM vs. ATM; Coat hooks.

They are functional. They are sold at all over the place. They get covered with coats. In the case of coat hooks, does Muchness really matter?



Coathooks, BTM


Coathooks, ATM

I couldn’t pick just one style. And then I realized, um, I don’t have to!!!