Gluten free- no eat hamentashen!

Yesterday I decided I wanted to bake hamentashen with my kids. Hamentashen are a traditional triangle cookie eaten on the jewish holiday of Purim.
Yay me. Mom of the year.
Only one problem.
I don’t bake.
No particular reason why, I just don’t. (Probably has something to do with the clean-up… And sugar, which we try to not use by the cup full.)
Anyhooo, someone recently sent me a link to an etsy shop that sells tiny polymer clay fake foods and inspiration hit.
I present:

(Like the fruitcake on the goyim, they can never be too hard and they last forever!)

1- large block of beige polymer oven bake clay. (Also known as “Caucasian skin to the doll making population)
2- small block of red, purple orange, brown polymer clay. Choose whatever colors will work for your “filling” of choice

3- brown piece of chalk
4- rolling pin
5- 1.5″ or so round cookie cutter/glass/Prozac bottle
6- aluminum foil
7- cookie sheet
8- jewelry parts
-I loop (I think that’s what they’re called)
-Jump ring
-Key ring

1- roll the skin clay thin but not too thin.

2- use the cookie cutter to cut circles.

Lay them on foil on a cookie sheet.
3- roll the jelly colors and make equal sized little marbles. We used a different cookie cutter to get them sized correctly.

4- form the jelly into a fat lil triangle and center it in the flesh colored circle.

Tap it with a toothpick to add some jelly texture.
5- fold up the three sides and pinch the corners.

6- insert the I-loops into the tops.


7- scrape the chalk into dust and use an old paintbrush or makeup brush to dust an uneven layer of golden baked goodness on your hamentashen.


8- bake according to packaging instructions- about 275 for about 15 minutes.


9- (not shown) after they cool, spray them with an aerosol gloss sealer.

…..oh, shiny!
10- apply jump ring + key ring



KEYCHAINS for the whole class!!

11-remind your kids who the coolest mom in town is! (They need constant reminders. I’m certain by the time they are teenagers they’ll totally believe me, right?!?!

PS- last week I made teeny tiny ones that went on necklaces. Same process, smaller cookie cutter.


Muchy Shoe Makeover!!! (and a bunch of other ramblings….)

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you can’t help but notice the overwhelming amount of neon people are wearing these days. In my head, there is but one association I have with neon…. Please…. Join me on my trip down memory lane….

It’s 1989.

I’m in 8th grade.

This could be the back of my head:

My bedroom walls are plastered with pictures of the New Kids on The Block.  I told everyone Joey was my favorite because he’s the sweet one.  But secretly, I liked Donnie more, because he’s the bad boy.

And this was my Muchness:

[youtube_sc url=””]

That girl in the audience with the 4″ tall hair and Fluorecent Pink t-shirt with the smiley face on it…she was my Hero.

But Anyhow. Here we are 2012. Everything old is new again. Except The New Kids. They’re just old.

The nostalgia of the fluorescent trend is really exciting to me. Months back I posted about this Neon yellow bag I saw some chic carrying and how much I adored it. But wouldn’t wanna spend the money on it. And a lot of the affordable neon, well, it looks like something I may have worn in 1989.

And then. Friday, I was at Home Depot and came upon this:

My brain raced… Oh! The Muchness I could make! I don’t have to invest $300 on a trendy pair of shoes… I could get creative! I stood in the aisle for 5 whole minutes, debating between the pink and the yellow. or maybe the orange. or the pink. or the orange. pink. yellow.

I bought the yellow. And I bought Painters tape. Because I knew I’d recently used up what I had on this. Everything else for my master plan I already owed.

OK. Rambling complete.

Here’s the PROJECT!!!!


Black Patent heels from target. (I could’t justify buying these new ones until I found something to do with the ones I already own.)
Unworn lace thong panties.
Painters Tape.
White spray primer
Fluorescent Paint
Triple Glaze Spray Gloss
Rhinestones and E6000 Glue

The Process

I cleaned the shoes and then used the painters tape on the parts I didn’t want to paint:

Then I used more tape and lace to cover random parts of both shoes.

I cut shapes out the the tape. It was only after I cut out the heart for one shoe that I realized the inverse would be awesome on the other shoe. I also originally thought I’d make them match each other but then it occurred to me that if they were even a tiny bit off, it would annoy the crap outta me. So I creatively solved that problem by making it a non-issue.

After taping, I took the shoes to my basement and sprayed them white. Twice.

Then I sprayed them fluorescent. Twice.

Then I sprayed them with clear glaze. Once.

Then I brought them upstairs and while watching “The Voice” and contemplating Christina’s Funny hat, cut the tape off. I had to use the blade to slice the paint before pulling the tape. For the most party it came off slick and sharp and clean.

In other places, not so much.

I used a black sharpie to clean up any smudged edges.

I also used the sharpie to recreate areas of the lace that were too misty and unclear.

Then I sprayed the whole shoes again with clear glaze.

Then I carefully placed the rhinestones around the hearts on both shoes.

Then I stared at them because I could not get over how much I friggin’ loved them.

Then I took about 4,000 pictures in different poses.

Then I finally tore myself away from them and went to bed. It was like, 3 in the morning.

Then I wore them to work the next day. Here they are on a bike path in midtown Manhattan

Seriously, Every time I looked down I got a small buzz because I thought my feet looked so muchtastic!!

…Then one of my co-workers told me she thought they made me look cheap.
I’m pretty sure she’s just massively jealous. Right???



My Muchtastic trip to the Mall

Last week I went to the mall for the first time in, um, uuummm, well…. um…….. that long.

I’m not terribly fond of the mall because I kinda hate spending money on finished stuff. Imagine that. I love the art store. The craft store. Love the hardware store. Love Target and thrift shops because everything is affordable enough to muchify and ‘finish’ cooler than it is. That’s not to say I don’t spend money on finished stuff. It’s just to say I’d rather spend it on something inspiring to me rather than something that represents someone else’s inspiration. I think that’s why, at the depths of my loss of Muchness, I felt invisible. Because I was so entirely uninspired by life, but still not interested in spending money to represent myself in a way that felt like someone else’s inspiration. So, instead, I just wore crap I could buy cheap and quick.

***Editors Note*** Even I, at the height of my "wear this crap because it's cheap, easy and comfortable," phase, would not be caught dead in these.

Back to the point. Liat needed shoes. I went to the Mall. And I was honestly pleasantly surprised by the amount of Muchy shoes I found there! I didn’t buy any because the ones I loved the most are a few weeks salary but I took some pics!

These Brain Atwood shoes were just gorgeous. True Story.

These were super expensive but screamed DIY!!!

Neon Hotness that is everywhere this season…. And boy do I have a plan for this trend. Stay tuned!

These were actually super cute and affordable, but if I’m gonna buy shoes in March, it ain’t gonna be booties that I can’t wear ’till September. NEXT!

Ditto to what I wrote above…. but now that I’m looking at them in the picture, it occurred to me that since these are suede and so light colored, they’d actually be a great base to tie-die in a blendy kinda look of turqs, purples and fuschias… but also, I think they were Steve Madden and my feet are allergic to his shoes….aka- they are so incredibly uncomfortable I can’t stand it. No matter how cute they are on the shelf, they always look ugly to me after I come home limping because of them.

I’m on the fence about these. I kinda super love them, but I also feel like something is not quite right and I can’t put my finger on what it is. It’s like they wanna be …something…. I don’t know what… and obviously they’d bankrupt me.

These were cheap. I think they were in Forever 21. I thought about getting them. I thought if I got them, I’d totally glitterize that sole with a Mod Podge Concoction. But then I talked myself out of them. After looking at them for 45 seconds, I could feel the inevitable blisters forming on my baby toe and on the back of my heel.

Then  saw this and thought “Oh, how ironic! I’m gonna snap a pic of it to put at the end of my blog post about all the shoes I saw at the mall!”

Alas. Here we are.

And, As is always the case when I leave the mall empty handed except for a phone full of pictures, there is the “Damn, I shoulda bought these” pic:

No. Really. I shoulda. I guess this makes this an “I’m gonna Make it!” post!

I’m gonna make it!! LOVE this Muchy Dress!


One of the best things about the new site is the “Muchness Moment” tool that lets you blog any little muchness Moment that strikes you on online in like, 12 seconds. I don’t even have to be on this site! I just dragged the button to my browser menu bar and now, when I see gems like this I can just blog it. I love it because I can keep all my “I’m Gonna Make it!” inspirations in one place!!

Ok- This dress is AWESOME!!! So Muchtastic. I think I can make this so easily. A tank dress, stretchy sequins by the yard and some fusible tape. Yeah- I don’t even think I need to sew.

That’s my plan. I’ll get back to you with the results…

ASOS | ASOS Midi Dress In Sequin Stripe at ASOS.

I’m gonna make it!



via: tuula: Metallics.

I am in love with this skirt. I’m gonna make one. I actually have some soft gold leather in my basement. (who doesnt?) I used it to make this awesome bag a couple of years ago:

PROJECT!!! (I hope I have enough left-overs to make this skirt… will post the results when it’s done!)

And IGNORE THAT MESS!!!! That is how I get my work done at the office. I can’t be fancier than I am…

I can’t lie to you guys anymore. I have a very serious confession.

****yo yo- video below!****

I think you might need to sit down. This is tough for me. OK. Here Goes.

I’ve already started decluttering.

I know. I know.. It’s not January yet. I KNOW! But I can’t help it. I have my big Color Splash viewing party in 10 days and I will be really embarrassed to have people here to view my show and end up just viewing my clutter. So I started. And along the way I found These:

Those are duct tape wallets. In early 2009 – about 6 seconds before I got pregnant with the twins, I was a ‘visiting artist’ at a school where a friend teaches. I spent two days with a bunch of 7th and 8th graders making duct tape wallets and I really loved it. Then I decided that the blade-free technique I invented to make wallets was so super-fantastic that I had to videotape the process. I uploaded it to youtube, got pregnant with the twins and promptly forgot I ever even did that. Until now. Them’s some snazzy wallets.

Here’s my three  part video tutorial. YAY! It’s Tova Time!!!
Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Yay Duct tape wallets!!!