Jeffrey Campbell Skate Shoes -MUCH OR TOO MUCH? THE VERDICT

As you may recall, I determined that the carved wooden sole on these shoes were neither Much, nor, really, Too Much. They just seemed to be trying too hard. And to me, the efforts fell somewhere in the middle. I determined I’d return them because I didn’t feel that I would feel confident in their Muchness as I navigated through the Concrete Jungle.

But then, I realized the problem. They were not MUCH. And, they were not TOO MUCH. They were, in fact, NOT MUCHY ENOUGH.

Now, there is no longer a question. Behold:

Undeniable MUCHNESS!!








More Tape

Bag ’em

Prime ’em

Tape off the details

Spray ’em

Remove tape over details

Hand paint the details




***editors note: I sprayed the whole thing with high gloss varnish before removing the final tape.

***editors second note: AREN’T THEY AWESOME????!!!!


Love & Muchness, Tova

9 Replies to “Jeffrey Campbell Skate Shoes -MUCH OR TOO MUCH? THE VERDICT”

  1. Amber and Courtney Post author

    I LOVE THEM! they look like ice skates a movie star would wear… exactly why you wear them… They are perfect! mother by day to a Super star by night. I wouldn’t expect anything less 🙂 🙂 🙂 lots of smiley faces on my comments but i love them lately 🙂 Thanks

    • Tova Post author

      Oh Amber- I Plan to wear them during the day!!! hahaha! How else will people see them if not in broad daylight???

    • Tova Post author

      Dennel- I wore them to dinner with my hubby in the city. After we ate I demanded we go on a “stroll”…. we went and went… maybe a mile, because I was loving that people were STARING at my feet as we passed. I was giddy. 🙂 Then I realized we were close to my friend Vadims apartment so I stopped by knowing that if anyone would appreciate them, it’s him. He took a picture to send his MOM and then provided me with half a dozen bandaids for my half a dozen blisters.
      I can’t wait till my feet heal so I can wear them again.
      I think I might be nuts. 😉

  2. Heather Post author

    Ok so I was one who voted “too much” at first but I gotta say…now that I see the redo the problem with them really was that they seemed embarrassed by their MUCHNESS in their original form. Like if I wore sequins you’d be able to see the discomfort in my face. But NOW these nutty shoes seem to wear their MUCHNESS like the red badge of courage, screaming ” I am muchy, hear me roar!”

    Good job to the master of MUCHNESS for helping them come out of the MUCHNESS closet so to speak!

    • Tova Post author

      YES!!!!~ YES!!!! YESSSS!!!!
      Heather- You are my PRIME PUPIL!!! A++++
      hahahaha- You cannot be THAT kooky and at the same time try to appear coy and understated… it just creates an emotional conflict that never feels quite right…. (which is different than a visual conflict, which can sometimes be awesome)
      Now, I am just waiting till there is no rain on the forecast so I can wear them to work. Because, ya know… I can.

  3. Kate

    Holy. Crap. I am utterly speechless! xD I am about to buy a pair of these and I was debating between black or white, and so I was surfing google for reviews and pics and I stumbled upon your blog linked from The Fashion Wizard blog and I seriously almost pissed myself (in a good way haha) when I saw what you did to your Skates! So epic! I would be afraid to do it myself mostly b/c I don’t own many bright colors to coordinate these with so I wouldn’t want to paint mine for that reason…maybe I should paint the bottom wooden part solid black? Haha. I could get the black ones and paint the bottoms black… but then they wouldn’t stand out as much. But you def. got my creative juices flowing. xD Thank you!!

    • Tova Post author

      kate!!! Thanks so much!!! I’m glad you like them! 🙂 and thanks for telling me. much appreciation!!!
      FYI- the shoes are actually quite comfy. they took a bit to get used to the hieght and little bit of wobble, (even though I wear platforms a lot, these are a little more ‘perched’ feeling…) but they aren’t even bad and I got a couple blisters the first time I wore them but none since. Really comfortable and the leather is nice and soft.
      I, personally, like the white because the black are too wintery for me, but with the open toe I just end up confused… But I guess it also matters what climate you live in.
      And you SHOULD paint yours. I only wear them with ‘understated’ clothes… shorts and a tank top in a softer color. Than I wear a brighter cami to peek out underneith… but overall, nothing too out there for the outfit. 🙂
      Good luck finding them!! They’re sold out a lot of places!!!


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