An Ode to my Jeffrey Campbell Shoes

Perhaps you remember my blog post,
about how I had discovered the most,
Muchy shoes on a website,
that made my heart delight,
J. Campbell of my town you’re the toast.

The shoes are gold and pretty,
with platforms that are witty.
Sarcastically high,
with stripes to the sky,
Increasing my view of the city!

The box, it was too big for flats,
with a cool chic who’s shirt sported cats.
I took them out and I cried,
these are cooler than I
had envisioned from pictures and stats!

I slid my feet inside,
and nervously I tried,
to tell myself
they fit so well.
But the truth is that I lied.

They kinda pinched my toes,
and that ankle strap, who knows?
I worry that it’s not secure,
and running for the  bus I’m sure,
my foot will twist,
I’ll lose my cool,
I’ll hit the ground,
feel like a fool.

If I’m going to return them,
I can’t test them out outside,
to see if on the pavement,
I’d fall upon on my hide.

I wonder if it’s a mistake
to keep these shoes–
but they look so great!

I also bought these others,
and they were much less pricey,
but it’s not the same,
though they’re far from lame,
they’re also much less dicey.

And so…

My question, dear reader, Do you think I should keep,
these shoes though they aren’t great friends with my feet?
You know how I love a Jeffrey Campbell shoe,
They make me feel fierce, I don’t know what to do!
Will I ever get used to the height of these stems,
As I did with these others, My makeover gems?

I’m not much of a poet,
just been reading Seuss,
to my daughter who certainly
loves all my shoes!

Let me hear what you think,
I look forward to know,
If in fact I should keep them,
Or if they must go.

Much or too much?


I’m thinking I seriously want these. Thoughts? (look- they’re gold! That practically makes them a neutral! I can wear them with practically anything!! I’m thinking they might be among the most practical pieces I will buy this summer. The arch is only 3.75″ which is totally commutable for me. My other Jeffery Campbell Much or Too Much shoes were the same and they were shockingly comfortable. Seriously. Help me justify this before they’re sold out…)

Forget Platform in Shoes at Nasty Gal.

Much or too much?

Sunday I had an event to go to. I put on the outfit I was thinking and I was happy with it, but I felt sorta gray. And the weather was gray. And I needed a boost. So, I muchified it!
But then I felt a little overdressed so I swapped out the fuschia  booties for the black ones.
I’m pretty sure I was still overdressed for a 4 year olds birthday party. hahahahaha

I think I might have to start looking for some Muchy sneakers. Or maybe I’ll DIY. Like  these:

SHARING THE MUCHNESS! (and a bit of self-promotion)

Seems my super unique “Much or too much” shoes are pretty popular! They’re called The Skate shoe from Jeffrey Campbell and it seems people are selling them all over the web. <—– That last one is Nordstroms, people.

So what did I do? I showed them folks at Jeffrey Campbell my unique-er spin on their unique-ish shoes.


Jeffrey Campbell Skate Shoes -MUCH OR TOO MUCH? THE VERDICT

As you may recall, I determined that the carved wooden sole on these shoes were neither Much, nor, really, Too Much. They just seemed to be trying too hard. And to me, the efforts fell somewhere in the middle. I determined I’d return them because I didn’t feel that I would feel confident in their Muchness as I navigated through the Concrete Jungle.

But then, I realized the problem. They were not MUCH. And, they were not TOO MUCH. They were, in fact, NOT MUCHY ENOUGH.

Now, there is no longer a question. Behold:

Undeniable MUCHNESS!!








More Tape

Bag ’em

Prime ’em

Tape off the details

Spray ’em

Remove tape over details

Hand paint the details




***editors note: I sprayed the whole thing with high gloss varnish before removing the final tape.

***editors second note: AREN’T THEY AWESOME????!!!!


Family portraits. Appropriate attire required.

So, a few weeks ago I had the opportunity to buy a “family portrait” promo deal at a local Venture Photography Studio. Basically, for $50, you get an hour long photo shoot and one framed portrait. Knowing that the sitting fee is usually a couple hundred bucks, I figured what the hell.
And what sold me is the studio. Their brand concept is “anything goes”— wear what you want, goof around, have a food fight! They don’t care. They want to catch a moment that is completely unique to you, and they encourage props and background music to set the mood.
So yesterday I went looking for what to wear. I want it very Muchy. Very colorful. Very sparkly…
And I want tutus.
I stopped in at Betsey Johnson- the QUEEN of Muchness and tried on this $400 teal pompom of a prom dress. (are 34 year old women allowed to wear prom dresses?? )
I LOVED it. I felt fantastic in it. And it’s the very same color as my sofa! But, it was $400.
Buy, wear, return?? Tempting, but very not Muchy.
I left it there.

Then I headed to century 21 and found a glorious $12 alternative.

You’ll have to wait to see that when the portraits happen. 🙂


MUCH OR TOO MUCH. I still don’t know


I bought them. They made me smile. But somehow, I think they may be too much, and I may return them. When I wear my Muchness loud and proud, people look. And I have to feel confident so I don’t start that thing in my head where I wonder what they’re thinking. If I am positive I love what I’m wearing, and they look, I assume they love it too. If I am on the fence about my clothes, I assume they’re thinking not as complimentary sentiments.
… And I think in these shoes I’ll feel like they’re thinking I’m Trying too hard. And let’s face it. I do try. Maybe I even try too hard. But usually that comes easy.
These shoes, they don’t come easy. And they try too hard. I’ll hold onto them through the weekend and see how I feel on Monday, before I return them.

I’n related news, once I was in the store, I just had to own these. I have no questions about them.
(except why did the right one give me a blister and the left one is the most comfortable shoe I’ve owned in recent history?)



Speaking of much or too much- TOO MUCH!!!
American idol chic turned around and I’m like “whoa- humungo earrings!! Bracelets!!! Chains!!! Blond hair!!! Brown hair!!! Big hair!!! Halter neck!!! Shiny lipstick!!! Pounds of eye shadow!!! Handkerchief hem!!! Contrast trims!!! Giant flower ring!!!”
Okay!!!! I get it!!! TOO MUCH!!!
(that Lauren Alaina girl can sing though…)