MUCH OR TOO MUCH. I still don’t know


I bought them. They made me smile. But somehow, I think they may be too much, and I may return them. When I wear my Muchness loud and proud, people look. And I have to feel confident so I don’t start that thing in my head where I wonder what they’re thinking. If I am positive I love what I’m wearing, and they look, I assume they love it too. If I am on the fence about my clothes, I assume they’re thinking not as complimentary sentiments.
… And I think in these shoes I’ll feel like they’re thinking I’m Trying too hard. And let’s face it. I do try. Maybe I even try too hard. But usually that comes easy.
These shoes, they don’t come easy. And they try too hard. I’ll hold onto them through the weekend and see how I feel on Monday, before I return them.

I’n related news, once I was in the store, I just had to own these. I have no questions about them.
(except why did the right one give me a blister and the left one is the most comfortable shoe I’ve owned in recent history?)



So, as I so clearly documented, Me wearing nailpolish is a complete disaster. I just pick, pick, pick until there is nothing there but a raggedy mess. But, I really do love to look down at my fingertips and see the shiny jolt of color. So I will try, try again.

This time around, I’ve purchased every polish protecting, sucker-worthy product out there:

Those have actually been sitting in my cabinet since right after the previously mentioned nail polish disaster.

Today at CVS I saw this yard of nail polish. I’d seen it there in the past but always thought the colors were kinda blah.

But then I realized it wasn’t the colors, it was the genius who determined what order the colors should be packed in. (Did I mention i am a packaging designer… so I like to think I know a thing or two about packaging….)

CVS would be selling this product a lot quicker if they were organized like this:

But no matter. Their loss is my gain since those polishes should have been sold out by now… But I digress…

And ya know, not being a “polish person” I havent looked at the polish section of a CVS since the invention of the Lee Press-on nail when I was in 7th grade. And there they were…. The tacky yet oh-so-cheerful NAIL MUCHNESS!!!

OOOOh, Me and Lil’ Miss Molly are gonna have a blast this weekend decking out our nails in all this faux glam gloriousness. And Elie, he’s gonna flip. He thinks putting pink polish on a three year olds toes is “a bit much”… I think it’s cute… and it’s the only way she’ll let me cut her toenails! Seriously. She’s wearing these shoes. OF COURSE she needs her nails done!!

Reader Poll:

What do you think: Pink (or purple, or rainbow’d or blinged up…) toenails on a three year old— MUCH or Too Much??