MUCH OR TOO MUCH. I still don’t know


I bought them. They made me smile. But somehow, I think they may be too much, and I may return them. When I wear my Muchness loud and proud, people look. And I have to feel confident so I don’t start that thing in my head where I wonder what they’re thinking. If I am positive I love what I’m wearing, and they look, I assume they love it too. If I am on the fence about my clothes, I assume they’re thinking not as complimentary sentiments.
… And I think in these shoes I’ll feel like they’re thinking I’m Trying too hard. And let’s face it. I do try. Maybe I even try too hard. But usually that comes easy.
These shoes, they don’t come easy. And they try too hard. I’ll hold onto them through the weekend and see how I feel on Monday, before I return them.

I’n related news, once I was in the store, I just had to own these. I have no questions about them.
(except why did the right one give me a blister and the left one is the most comfortable shoe I’ve owned in recent history?)



This is a shirt I save for days I know I’m gonna need an extra boost of positivity. I gave been feeling stressed about work. I don’t know if it’s the work, or me, or some of the stuff that goes with working a high stress job, but in the six years I’ve worked there I’ve never felt this on-edge. And I gotta make it stop. All weekend I was feeling tense with the anxiety of monday morning so when I was digging through my closet and saw this top I thought “that’s it- it couldn’t hurt!”
I dressed and went to wake up Molly. She rolled over, looked at me and said “mommy, I love your happy face.” I replied, “I love yours too.”



I’ve never shared a recipe on here before but here goes. The easiest yummiest healthiest recipe for greens you’ll ever see. Wait. Greens? Like, lettuce? No. Like collards or kale- that stuff you look at in the grocery and think “yuck” and “who eats that?” and “ew- must be buggy”….
Anyhow. Here goes:
1- chop
2- wash
3- sauté in a little water. Remove from heat.
4- while greens sauted make a mixture of these three things. Whatever proportions you want so it’s pasty.
5- pour on hot greens and mix
6- eat
7- thank me for showing you how to bring healthy greens in your diet without covering it in mayo and butterfat like Paula Dean would.


Here’s a pic of the finished product. Complete with tempeh, portobella mushroom and onion pizza on a cornmeal crust.



This morning on the way to work I passed a guy I know. I haven’t seen him in a few years. He’s hot. He’s very cool. Hip. Young. If I was single and a cougar he’d be great arm candy.

The last time I saw him I remember being mortified by my appearance. I was wearing dirty sneakers, jeans that were too long and THAT sweatshirt. Ya know the one. The one with the ratty cuffs and worn down elbows and a dinginess that never goes away. The cozy one that should never be seen in the light of day by another human being besides the person who perhaps holds the dustpan while you sweep the kitchen on a Saturday morning cleaning frenzy. That one. Yes. I was wearing it to a restaurant on a Saturday evening.

So today, I passed by this guy and thought “oh- I’m pretty sure that’s him”… And then I thought- “I should keep walking. He looks good and I’m intimida—- WAIT!!! No I’m not intimidated!!! I’m wearing a teal satin jacket and gold leggings and purple shoelaces! No one intimidates me when I’ve got my Muchness!” and I said hi.
And ya know what? He didn’t recognize me! Until he did. And then he said I’d looked familiar as I passed him but the clothes threw him for a loop. And I agreed. Yup. I got a lot going on in this outfit. My Muchness is showing.



Speaking of much or too much- TOO MUCH!!!
American idol chic turned around and I’m like “whoa- humungo earrings!! Bracelets!!! Chains!!! Blond hair!!! Brown hair!!! Big hair!!! Halter neck!!! Shiny lipstick!!! Pounds of eye shadow!!! Handkerchief hem!!! Contrast trims!!! Giant flower ring!!!”
Okay!!!! I get it!!! TOO MUCH!!!
(that Lauren Alaina girl can sing though…)



My reflection in the mirror as I brushed my hair this morning.
Muchness 1- I had time to brush my hair this morning
Muchness 2- I woke up so early I even had time to take a shower that was long enough and hot enough to fog up the mirror like that.
Not so Muchness 1- I’ll probably still be late for work. As usual.
Not so Muchness 2- I really coulda used that extra hour of sleep. And I’d of liked it too!



Today we cleaned out the showroom in our office. We make a lot of stuff so before it was picked up to be sold by pound, tzipporah and I got to go diving for treasures. See- that’s her inspecting the merchandise.
It’s honestly not the “stuff” that’s the good part. It’s being able to give it to people who appreciate and can use it. tzipporah is donating to a program for special needs kids, and I sent a bunch to a school.
(I also snagged some for my kids daycare teachers… Whatever works!!)