MUCH OR TOO MUCH. I still don’t know


I bought them. They made me smile. But somehow, I think they may be too much, and I may return them. When I wear my Muchness loud and proud, people look. And I have to feel confident so I don’t start that thing in my head where I wonder what they’re thinking. If I am positive I love what I’m wearing, and they look, I assume they love it too. If I am on the fence about my clothes, I assume they’re thinking not as complimentary sentiments.
… And I think in these shoes I’ll feel like they’re thinking I’m Trying too hard. And let’s face it. I do try. Maybe I even try too hard. But usually that comes easy.
These shoes, they don’t come easy. And they try too hard. I’ll hold onto them through the weekend and see how I feel on Monday, before I return them.

I’n related news, once I was in the store, I just had to own these. I have no questions about them.
(except why did the right one give me a blister and the left one is the most comfortable shoe I’ve owned in recent history?)


Love & Muchness, Tova

6 Replies to “MUCH OR TOO MUCH. I still don’t know”

  1. dennel

    Yay Tova! You bought them! I hope they make you feel whimsical, like dancing on the street. And the blue ones…..super cute. K, now I’m feeling shoe inadequate 🙂
    What are the skate shoes like to walk in???

  2. Heather

    Lol. I knew you’d buy the ice skate shoes!!!! Even if only for the weekend! I still vote too much but those blue ones are hot summer MUCHNESS!!! ;0)

  3. Tzippora Post author

    I think the blue ones are a more natural fit then the skate ones… I think the skate ones are super cool, but they’re a little severe. I think you’d probably be more comfortable with them if you painted them a fun color tho… they’d be less severe, more approachable 🙂
    I think these shoes say “I belong on a pedestal!” (Tho that could be a cool statement too… 😉 )

  4. L'via

    just so y’all know, tova actually wore those blue ones around the house. did not take them off the minute she came home from work, rather kept them on while doing the usual evening activities of a young family…i dropped by unannounced way past bedtime and our queen of muchness was wearing those shoes, for real.


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