IN TOUCH WITH THE MUCH- Let’s Flouresce!

So, I walk a total of five city blocks through midtown manhattan to get from the bus station to my office. It’s not the most exciting area of manhattan for people watching but when you activate your “Much-dar”, there’s enough Muchness inspiration to keep me relatively interested. Especially now that the weathers warming up.
With that in mind, I’d like to issue a

New Muchness Category Alert!!

On my walk today I saw no less than three people embracing the fluorescent colors so popular in my NKOTB obsessed adolescence.
Except the wearers I saw were not wearing braces and nylon baseball caps. Unfortunately, I only got a picture of one. I am going to have to learn to speak up and stop those I deem “In Touch With The Much” in order to request their pic.
The first was a super cool looking Guy in jeans and sneakers. Really clean cut looking, but those sneakers- nikes I believe, had the fattest, neonist laces ever. On a black and white shoe.
The second was this chick with the bag. It was hot.
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The third, my favorite, actually made me laugh in delight. An older gentleman with a dapper bald head. Linen khakis. White button down. Bone colored Oxford shoes. Fluorescent orange socks. Sounds dumb but it was a beautiful thing. Damn. I wish I had a picture.

Love & Muchness, Tova

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