WooooHoooo!!!! It’s picture time!!!! Molly’s at the age where she likes projects. And she likes doing stuff in the kitchen. I too like projects. And cookies. I like cookies. So I created a fun and (I’m sure) terribly unique project to do with Molly!!

We start with the basics. Cookies:

Mmmmm sugar

What? You didn’t think I actually baked, did you??

Next, Pour Edible Muchness into a bowl:

Now, pour other edible Muchnesses into other bowls:


Variety is the spice of life:

I think you can see where I’m going here….

Ok. Then we each got our own tray:

Ok. Stop focussing on the mess behind us and start focussing on my MUCHTASTIC RAINBOW LEOPARD PRINT ONE-PIECE FOOTSIE PAJAMAS!!! (Uh. I can’t. I seriously need to devote a whole post to the awesomeness of footsie pajamas. People just do not understand!!! They’re the best!!!)

OK! now get busy decorating!!! That’s the fun part! Get creative! Get silly! Get Nuts! (Unless you’re allergic to nuts. Then I suggest you skip the nuts.)

Decorations are complete and they are very avant-gard:

Here are some pretty close-ups ‘cuz my new ‘how to blog‘ book says people like pretty close-ups. So go on, enjoy. I like pretty close-ups too:


Mine were pretty meticulous:

Molly’s were more freestyle:

Then, we put them in the oven…

and waited…

and waited…

and waited…

NEVER has 11 to 13 minutes taken this long!

DING!!!!  FINALLY they were done!!!! look how Yummy!

Some more pretty close-ups on my pretty blue plate:

But are they any good? It looks like……. YES!!! SUCCESS!!!! WOOOOHOOOO!

And because I’m so devoted to The MUCHNESS…. for your viewing pleasure:

Yeah- see it?! It’s subtle but ya can’t stop me!!! wooohoo! It’s a MUCHNESS MADNESS Post too!!!!!


Love & Muchness, Tova


  1. Tine Post author

    Okay, first, I got so busted on the comment “Stop looking at the mess behind me”…hahaha…but I wasn’t thinking about the mess that way, I was thinking, “Thank you God, she’s NORMAL!!! She has stuff on her counters too!” This is a HUGE relief to me because, well, you’re like super freaking woman….LOL

    I baked cookies with my boys last night and it was SO much fun. They love pouring in the ingredients and I’m even letting them run the hand mixer…yeeeooowwww. Next up, dishes 🙂

    What a fun project for you to do together! And love the waiting pic of Molly in the chair, too cute!

    P/S: Subtlety? Wasted. Why be subtle?…and um, you are the least subtle person I know, which is why you’re Super Freaking Woman 🙂 xoxo

    • Tova Post author

      Haha- first- my house is a mess. Except on Thursday’s when Maria comes. We would drown in laundry and clutter without her. I have a few skills and one or two talents. Cleaning isn’t on either of those lists. Subtlety apparently isn’t either. 🙂


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