Reader Submission!!! Mothers Day Muchness

Sometimes I receive an email or facebook message from someone that has been inspired by The Muchness and it makes me feel awesome that this little “hobby” is having real life effects on people. Today I got an email that was so inspiring and beautiful, I needed to share it so it could inspire others as well.

Jennifer writes:

Hi Tova,
I’m one of the mom’s from the TTTS group on FB, and I’ve been following your muchness blog.  I love seeing everyone find their muchness, and I’ve being trying to do something for me every day that makes me happy, or gives me a reminder of what I have rather than what I don’t.  And honestly, I’ve become a much happier and content person over the last two weeks, and if I can attribute that to you, your blog, or a pair of earrings that I’m wearing, well, whatever works, works, right?

Today is Mother’s Day, and I’ve been longing for a Mother’s Day ever since I started dating my husband (five years ago).  When I lost my twins two months before Mother’s day, I was devastated.  The next year, I was eight months pregnant with my son and still had a miserable Mother’s Day.  Well, I’ve finally made it to this “holiday” with some tangible evidence that I am a mother.  My son fills my muchness every day, so I thought I didn’t need extra jewelry or a sparkling headband today.

However, I accidentally didn’t  put on my watch today.  I bought a watch after my son was born, to time his nursing sessions and make sure he was getting enough to eat often enough.  Then it became a habit- every morning the watch went on.  When I lost it a few months ago, I went out and bought the exact same watch again.

But today, I don’t need it.  It doesn’t matter how much my son naps, or when it’s time to eat.  It doesn’t matter when things are happening- I’m just going to relax and enjoy my day, that I finally get to have.


Jennifer- I am touched and humbled to think that this thing Im doing has helped you find peace this Mothers Day.
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for sharing.   xox, T.

Love & Muchness, Tova

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