An Ode to my Jeffrey Campbell Shoes

Perhaps you remember my blog post,
about how I had discovered the most,
Muchy shoes on a website,
that made my heart delight,
J. Campbell of my town you’re the toast.

The shoes are gold and pretty,
with platforms that are witty.
Sarcastically high,
with stripes to the sky,
Increasing my view of the city!

The box, it was too big for flats,
with a cool chic who’s shirt sported cats.
I took them out and I cried,
these are cooler than I
had envisioned from pictures and stats!

I slid my feet inside,
and nervously I tried,
to tell myself
they fit so well.
But the truth is that I lied.

They kinda pinched my toes,
and that ankle strap, who knows?
I worry that it’s not secure,
and running for the  bus I’m sure,
my foot will twist,
I’ll lose my cool,
I’ll hit the ground,
feel like a fool.

If I’m going to return them,
I can’t test them out outside,
to see if on the pavement,
I’d fall upon on my hide.

I wonder if it’s a mistake
to keep these shoes–
but they look so great!

I also bought these others,
and they were much less pricey,
but it’s not the same,
though they’re far from lame,
they’re also much less dicey.

And so…

My question, dear reader, Do you think I should keep,
these shoes though they aren’t great friends with my feet?
You know how I love a Jeffrey Campbell shoe,
They make me feel fierce, I don’t know what to do!
Will I ever get used to the height of these stems,
As I did with these others, My makeover gems?

I’m not much of a poet,
just been reading Seuss,
to my daughter who certainly
loves all my shoes!

Let me hear what you think,
I look forward to know,
If in fact I should keep them,
Or if they must go.

Love & Muchness, Tova

10 Replies to “An Ode to my Jeffrey Campbell Shoes”

  1. Heather

    Oh dearest Muchness Queen,
    while the shoes are for sure cool,
    And I’m sure made you drool,
    My thoughts are for your feet,
    So don’t be a fool.

    Those toes they will cry,
    And your ankles will just sigh,
    The only one who’ll be smiling
    Will be the podiatrist walking by.

    So I say to you my pal,
    Let these kicks go back,
    Cuz you SO know there’s a better fitting,
    Muchy shoe somewhere in the back.


  2. Dennel

    Lol. Oh Tova, you make me laugh!

    I say if you love them, put them in a shadow box or something. If you aren’t comfy, you won’t feel muchy. On the other hand, what if you just need to break them in??

    They are pretty cool!

  3. Tova Post author

    Dennel- the leather is soft and I’m sure they’ll break in ok. The toe strap is a little narrowish and it hits my big toe at a tight spot- I will have to endure a blister or socks to get them how I need ’em but Jeffrey Campbell shoes are remarkably comfortable and well made for such Muchtastic pieces of art. They are BY FAR more comfortable and well made then Steve Madden, for Instance. It’s just that supersized heel… I know a mid30’s mom of two who wears these shoes on a random tuesday is not the target muse, but I worry about dropping a child or breaking my hip. Oy.

    • Tova Post author

      OMG!!! Jeffrey Campbell people saw my heartfelt shoe poetry!!! I’m so glad you likes the poem! …and I kept the shoes… If you ever want to send me any other that inspire my poetic voice- I am a size 7.5! wink wink!


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